The Yankees Suck Right Now

They are lose-six-of-your-last-seven not good.

Jim Rome
April 22, 2021 - 9:08 am
New York Yankees

USA Today


The Yankees lost to Atlanta last night 4-1. They’re now 6-11 on the season. And I don’t know about you, but right now, I’m thinking the Yankees suck. They are not good. Below not good.

They are lose-six-of-your-last-seven not good. They are tied-for-the-worst-record-in-the-American-League not good. They are off-to-the-worst-start-in-30-years not good.

What kind of an upside-down world are we living in where the New York Knicks are pure electricity and the New York Yankees are COMPLETE HACKS.

Again, these are the New York Yankees we’re talking about. The Bronx Bombers. The guys in the pinstripes. And they are garbage right now.

Absolutely everything is off about this team. They have a ton of talent and are doing absolutely nothing with it.

And this isn’t a new thing. If we go back to last week, when they lost to Tampa Bay on Friday, fans were SO EMBARRASSED BY WHAT THEY WERE SEEING THEY STARTED FIRING baseballs on the field in disgust.

“That is just clownish” is a great line. And it’s right. That was just clownish by the fans.  You can’t ever throw crap on the field. But you could see why they’d want to: and when they’re not throwing crap on the field, they’re booing the hell out of the hometown slugs. 

That’s how bad the Yankees are right now. That’s how bad the entire Yankee experience is right now. Most fans who go to games today are pumped just to be there..., just excited and relieved to be able to attend a sporting event in person again. Do you have any idea how bad you have to be to have fans throwing crap booing you right now?

And that’s happening to the Yankees on the regular. And they deserve it. They’re 6-11. They have the worst offense in the American League and the lowest slugging percentage in the majors. As a team, they are hitting .163 in the last seven games.

It’s so bad that last night Atlanta did not have their star player available, had just four hits as a team, and still won. Not only won, but won easily. Atlanta had just four hits and they were never in any danger of losing that game.  

Even though he probably should be, manager Aaron Boone isn’t panicking. He knows the talent that exists on that roster, or at least should exist on that roster: “I know we’re walking out there with heavy artillery every night. We’ve just got to unlock it.”

I see him working, but right now, that heavy artillery is blasting its own feet and faces off. Then again, Boone can’t hit for them. And right now, they can’t hit at all.

They can’t hit, they can’t pitch, and they’re not good defensively either. Other than that, they’re a pretty damn good team: they just can’t hit, pitch, or field. Overlook all that, though, and you have a pretty solid crew.

And yes, I know you can turn a season around after a bad April. The 1997 Yankees started 5-10 and then went on to finish with 99 wins. And nobody is really running away with the AL East at this point. As bad as the Yankees have been, they’re only five games out of first.

It’s doable. But they need to get their assess in gear. And they need to do it right now.

They fell behind 2-0 last night, and that nightly boat race was on. And like most nights it felt like there was no life, no energy, and no juice for that team.

And for good reason, because they’ve scored 3 runs or fewer in 11 of the 17 games they’ve played this year. That’s so bad you have to tip your cap.

What happened to these guys being quote “savages in the box”?

Remember this rant from Aaron Boone back in the day?

That was then. This is now. Then, they were savages, now their slugs. Stiffs.

And when they’re getting out of the box, it’s not like they’re tearing down the baseline either. Like when Gleyber Torres hit a check-swing tapper in front of the plate in the seventh inning last night and jogged down to first.

Yes, we all know that 999 times out of 1,000, that’s an out. But you run out every contact. That’s taught to you from the moment you put a bat in your hands. Failing to do that is letting the game down, it’s letting your team down, and if there’s a certain red-ass reliever in your dugout, it could get you strangled. Like when Jonathan Papelbon decided to take the law, and Bryce Harper’s throat, into his own hands.

Darren O’Day didn’t choke out Torres when he got back to the dugout, not that I saw at least. But Boone sounded he at least thought about it, telling the media that he’d be talking to Torres and that "I think anything you have that kind of situation where the guy has to get off the mound, you better get after it. That's got to be better"

For his part, Torres said: "It was a check swing and at that moment I really didn't know if it was fair or foul. I didn't see the ball well. I started running late. I feel like I can put a little more effort to run to first base.”

I’d agree, G. You could put in a little more effort to run to first base. In fact, I’d say you can’t put any less effort into running to first base. And I know it’s frustrating when everyone’s slumping at the same time, but husting is one way to get out of a slump. Especially when you’re only down by 3 runs at home.  

I’m not going to be the lava artists who comes in here and says the Yankees season is over before April is over. I know how things can turn. And that the Yankees really do actually have some heavy artillery in that lineup. The group that was in the top four in runs each of the last four years didn’t just forget how to hit.

But they’re gripping.  Hard and they are turning their bats into sawdust right now.

And if they’re going to turn it around this year, they better do it soon. Because while it is a long season, it can get pretty late pretty early if you’re sucking the way they’re sucking right now.