Tiger's Open

It’s over.

Jim Rome
July 19, 2019 - 9:34 am
Tiger Woods

USA Today


JB Holmes was your first round leader yesterday at 5-under. But there’s no way he backs that up. That’s just a flash in the pan. Wrong.

He came out this morning and shot a 3-under to go 8-under after 36. And then Shane Lowry, another guy who had a big first day moved to 5-under today through 8 and 9-under for the tournament.

If you want a leaderboard with some names, I give you the 148th Open Championship leaderboard. Golfing Jesus, Tommy Fleetwood, is right there at 7-under. So is Lee Westwood. Justin Rose is 6-under through 36.

Then you’ve got a group at 5-under with Brooks Koepka and Jordan Spieth, who shot a 4-under today. That is a welcome return for a guy who has been struggling.

Then at 4-under, you’ve got a bunch more guys who either have won majors or have the game to win majors: Tony Finau, Patrick Reed, and Matt Kuchar.

Jon Rahm is making some noise.

And Tiger Woods made a move today. Sort of. Not really. He’s done. I mean, sure, he was better than he was yesterday, but that’s not saying much; and certainly not good enough to make the cut.  He didn’t. Just like he wasn’t good enough to make the cut at the PGA.  And didn’t matter at the US Open. And didn’t make it to the weekend here either.  But it’s all good because he won the Masters, right? Not really. Not if you listen to the Cat himself. Hell, if all you honks thought that 78 was depressing yesterday, his comments afterwards were practically a funeral.

"I'm just not moving as well as I'd like. And unfortunately, you've got to be able to move, and especially under these conditions, shape the golf ball. And I didn't do it. I didn't shape the golf ball at all. Everything was left to right. And wasn't hitting it very solidly."

Back in the day, he used to explain every bad round by saying that he didn’t bring his A-game. There was none of that yesterday. Yesterday, he was resigned to his fate. Yesterday, he looked like he was walking the course with a piano strapped to his back. That was Willie Mays stumbling around-in center field for the Mets. Joe Namath struggling under center for the Rams.

When asked whether the whole thing was disconcerting, Woods responded: "Just the way it is. Father Time and some procedures I've had over the time. Just the way it's going to be. As I said, one of the reasons why I'm playing less tournaments this year is that I can hopefully prolong my career and be out here for a little bit longer."

Prolong my career? Be out here a little bit longer? What? Wasn’t it just three months ago that the red-shirted army was screaming about how Tiger was back?

Wasn’t that crowd of d-bags, errrrr, grown men weeping openly in their living rooms telling everyone that he was going to run down Jack? And that their lives were better because of it?

That crowd of losers, of Tiger Bros, have to be despondent right about now. After that win at Augusta, they were so happy. They bought new red polos, probably treated themselves to a new pair of cargo shorts, they were on top of the world, because their guy was back.

And now that guy sounds like he’s on his deathbed. He sounds like he’s about ready to just toss it in, like he just wants to be put out of his golfing misery. 

Where’s the eye of the Tiger? Where’s the guy who was going to run down Jack and strike fear into the hearts of every golfer on tour? I know where he wasn’t – on the course yesterday or meeting with the media afterwards. 

And by the way, did that look or sound like a guy who was going to be able to “peak a few more times this year”? That sounded like a guy who might stumble into a good round or into a destroyed back, but four straight rounds of solid golf does not sound like an option. Especially not in a situation where the weather and conditions aren’t perfect.

I’m not sure who’s taking this worse. Tiger or the Tiger Fanboys. Probably the fanboys: I can’t help but think they want it worse for him, than he wants it for himself. Can’t help but think, when tiger won the masters a part of him had to think, man, I’m good. Because it will never be that good ever again. I’m just too old. Too busted up. And the conditions and weather and everything else has to be absolutely perfect for me to string together four consecutive rounds good enough to rip a major. Run down, Jack?  Oh hell no! You know I had four back surgeries, right? You know I’m 43 going on 60, right? I know ya’ll love me, but stand the hell down. Forget about Jack, and just be good with number 15 and that additional green jacket. Believe me, I am. Best regards, your idol; the Cat.