Tom Brady Rumors

Stop. Just stop.

Jim Rome
February 27, 2020 - 10:17 am
Tom Brady

USA Today


I can tell you this right now, I’d rather drink one of Ben Bartch’s smoothies than get another update on Tom Brady’s SO-CALLED  free agency drama. In fact, I’d take a full round of Bartch’s smoothies over another breathless breaking alert that sources close to Brady have heard from people close to Brady that he’s staying or leaving.

In fact, give me a Bartch smoothie, toss an old boot and a shredded car tire into the blender and I’ll drink a gallon of it if everyone would just dial it back on the Brady rumor mill.

Actually, it should be done in reverse. If you think you have breaking news or an update on Tom Brady’s situation, you have to drink a Ben Bartch smoothie before you’re allowed to report it. That’s how we’ll know how important that report is or how much you really believe in that story.

Suddenly, that nugget from a friend of a friend of Tom Brady’s mailman’s plumber doesn’t sound like it’s that important when you’re staring at a big glass of eggs, cottage cheese, and Gatorade. 

And yes, I’ve seen all of the reports. I’ve seen the ones linking him to the Raiders, to the Titans, and the ones about how he and the Patriots haven’t talked about a new deal. And how it doesn’t look good that he’ll be staying in New England. 

Because you knew this is exactly what was going to happen. There is nothing this guy wanted more than this kind of attention and all of these rumors swirling. That’s why he raced to make sure he could like the NFL’s post on Instagram about Philip Rivers and the Chargers parting ways. 

You know, just to remind everyone about the possibility of him leaving New England for the Chargers because they have a lot of weapons. And did you know that Tom Brady is from California? That doesn’t get mentioned very often. Signed, Jerome Bettis is from Detroit. 

Did you know that Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel know each other? Crazy, right? I mean, that’s wild. 

Oh and how about this one…, Did you know that Tom Brady and Mark Davis were at the Conor-Cowboy fight?

And did you know that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and could use someone to help boost the business and sell tickets? Maybe Tom Brady would go there. Because winning and legacy probably aren’t important to him; so you know he’d have no problem from a team that’s won six Super Bowls to a team that won seven games last year. And that in his declining years, he’d be hyped to learn a whole new playbook and play for a team that’s been to the playoffs once in the last 18 years and for a coach who aggravates the hell out of his. Quarterbacks. 

And with each breathless report, Patriot honks get more and more desperate, which is just what he wants. 

But while Brady’s not playing me for a dope, I’ll play along. Just for you Patriot honks and everyone else who got sucked to this troll job? So what’s the bottom line? Is he coming or going? Is he going to be a Titan or a Raider or a Charger or a Patriot?

How about this – Brady can’t sign with anyone for nearly three weeks. So until there is a definitive report, one way or another, of Brady actually agreeing to a deal with a team and a statement from either Brady or the team, this is all just smoke.

But why is there so much smoke that he’s leaving? It has to mean that he’s actually leaving and it’s just a matter of which team he’s going to, right?


If all the smoke was that he was staying, there isn’t a story. There’s nothing to report. It would be like reporting that the sun will set today. It’s not new. It’s not different.

Reporting that he’s leaving, that he’s definitely on his way out, that he’s packing his bags, and that he hasn’t had negotiations with the Patriots is new. That’s something that gets clicks and generates buzz.

And it gives Brady leverage. Because if Brady is trying to get the best contract he can from New England and the most money he can from New England, the best way to do that is to generate a market for himself elsewhere. If he wants New England to love him, the best way to do it is make them think he’s leaving.

If all of the reports this whole time were about him staying, there’s no leverage, there’s no juice, there’s no threat that he could walk. So all these reports help him, no matter what he does.

The person who benefits the most from these reports is Tom Brady. To that end, it wouldn’t surprise me if all of these people who are saying they’re well sourced really are that well sourced and that info is coming from Brady’s people. Because that helps them. 

Anything that is well sourced that people are reporting is probably being reported because Brady wants it to be reported. 

You really think a guy as buttoned up as that guy, someone who is legendary for his attention to detail, is just casually and openly talking to people about his plans without some sort of end game? Hell no.

You think that guy is accidentally letting things out or letting things leak? Not a chance. 

So all of these reports don’t mean that he’s leaving. Nor do they mean that he’s staying. It just means that this is playing out exactly as we all expected all along – in the most mind-numbing and tedious way possible. And it can’t be over soon enough. But I’d be willing to eat package of head cheese right, on air, if someone would could put an end to this right now!

You’d think this guy was turning 23 for all the attention he’s getting…. Not 43.

A soon to be 43-year old quarterback people…..   Can’t wait for tomorrow’s “source.”