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The MLB Insider talks 2019 Season.

April 10, 2019 - 12:29 pm

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All Topics: New York Yankees bullpen | Houston Astros playing better after slow start | Bryce Harper’s return to DC | Thought DC fans should have shown Harper some love | Managers and analytics | Players thoughts on how managers are managing now |

April 10th 2019

Feb 20th 2019

All Topics: San Diego Signing Manny Machado | $300 million in guaranteed money for Machado | The Padres now have a face to the franchise in Machado | Free agency is not broken | The game of baseball now is for the younger guys | Bryce Harper | Harper has an added value that not many have | Harper’s swing is violent, reminds him of Tiger Woods’ swing | Reggie Jackson | Jackson loved being a super star | Harper’s WAR | Harper is not a great defender | Harper didn’t leave his feet last season | Harper ranks 86th in WAR over the past 3 seasons | MLB is cracking down on high tech sign stealing | NL DH talk | Pitch clock


Oct 1st 2018

All Topics: Today’s 163rd game of the season for 4 teams | Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies, tonight | Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs | Christian Yelich’s September | Milwaukee’s bullpen | Craig Counsell’s use of his bullpen | Today’s hitters | Lowest batting average this season, since DH started | Chicago Cubs’ health | Boston Red Sox have worries in Chris Sale and David Price | Price might have


June 26th 2018

All Topics: Mike Trout’s 2018 Season | Trout’s defense | Trout’s in his physical prime and has incredible wisdom of the game | Mike Trout is the Mickey Mantle of our generation | Boston’s J. D. Martinez’s play | Yankees vs. Red Sox battle for AL East | Houston Astros is still the team to beat in the AL | Justin Verlander | Verlander’s embracing Houston’s analytics and technology |