Tony Bennett

The Virginia head coach talks national championship.

April 10, 2019 - 1:04 pm

Info & Stats: Virginia Head Coach

All Topics: Wining the National Championship on Monday | The actual game against Texas Tech | Same coach as he was Sunday | Conference championships are a better measure of a coach than national titles | Advice from his father, Dick | Dabo Swinney text | His players calmness under pressure | Adversity | 2018 NCAA Tournament loss to #16 seed UMBC |

April 10th 2019

Feb 20th 2019

All Topics: Win over Virginia Tech | Motivational speech at halftime vs. VT | Channeling his inner dad, Dick | Kyle Guy | ACC | Talent in ACC | The ACC never gets down | Buzz Williams | Buzz’s teams play hard | Humbling loss to UMBC | Adversity | Trembling courage | Team building exercises | Coaching some great shooters like Klay Thompson, Joe Harris, Kyle Guy, and Malcolm Brogdon