Troel Embiid Is The Best

Welcome home, big dawg.

Jim Rome
February 12, 2020 - 9:20 am
Joel Embiid

USA Today


The Philadelphia 76ers have had a strange season. How strange? They’re the best team in the league at home and one of the worst on the road. They have had some nice winning streaks and some ugly losing streaks. As if that wasn’t enough, Joel Embiid was booed at home on Sunday and, after draining a deep three, shushed the crowd was seen on camera mouthing “shut the bleep up” in response. 

Afterwards, he explained that. 

“Just getting back to myself, being a good a-hole, just playing basketball and trying to dominate.”

What a beautiful quote: And then there was that post he put on Instagram of him shushing the crowd with the caption: "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” #theprocess

It felt like everything was on the verge of falling apart for the Sixers, especially with the Clippers coming to town. And sure enough, before last night’s game against LA, Embiid heard some boos again during the introduction. 

I know this has been a weird season for the Sixers, but you can’t tell me that it’s not really weird seeing Embiid get booed at home. But he took it in stride. 

And just over thirty seconds into the game, did this.

Offensive rebound, bucket, and one. And waving to the crowd to bring the noise. That is the good a-hole that Philly…, no the world, loves. 

It wasn’t just Embiid either. Ben Simmons got in on the act with one of the most ridiculous shots you’ll see.

Just freestyling and it goes in. Simmons’ game isn’t without its flaws, but people spend way too much time focused on what he can’t do and they miss out on all the absurd things he can do. Stuff like that. And like the stat-line of 26 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists, and hassling the Clippers on defense. 

But again, the Clippers weren’t going down without a fight, both metaphorically and literally. Here’s the metaphorical fight from Kawhi.

And here’s the literal fight, sort of, between Marcus Morris and Joel Embiid in the fourth quarter. I’m not surprised those two got into it, knowing their history and Joel’s stated desire to be the good a-hole, the only surprise was that it took until there were less than three minutes to go in the fourth quarter before there was some shoving

That was relatively tame given the two guys involved, but it was just what Embiid, the Sixers, and those fans needed. Because you can’t beat Jo playing to the crowd as he walked to the bench.

Oh, yes, you can beat that. And he did, because seconds later, Embiid did this to Morris

That is how you mend fences in the City of Brotherly Love. Get into a shoving match, and chase that by swatting the guy you’re beefing with. And the crowd will love you. 

But the best part about Philly’s 110-103 win last night wasn’t that it proved that they can beat anyone in the league, especially at home, and it wasn’t Embiid’s 26 points and 9 rebounds in 28 minutes. It was Jo after the game. 

Because the worst part about this season was when Joel Embiid announced that he was giving up trolling. Good news is… it sounds like those days are over. 

Troll Embiid might be making a return and he hinted at that when he was asked if he expected to be booed: "A little bit. But that's cool. Tonight I could have shushed them again, but it was all about having fun again, getting back to myself. Like I said after last game, I'm back to doing whatever I want and saying whatever I want. That's how I used to be, and you know, I was dominating that way. This year I made a decision to change, and I guess it hasn't worked out, so it comes with the good and bad. If it helps us win, and if it helps me help the team in a better way to win games, then I'm going to be that guy."

Hell yes. Joel Embiid saying that “I'm back to doing whatever I want and saying whatever I want” is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Joel Embiid needs to be that guy. He needs to. Be Troll Embiid. Tro-el Emidd. Embrace it. Let the troll flow through you. Feel the power of the Troll Side, tro-well.

That’s the guy we know and love. I mean. Polite Jo, non-trolling Jo is ok…I guess.  Not really. 

But Troll Embiid is the best. Troll Embiid powers the Sixers and the City of Philadelphia. He makes them a threat every time they step on the floor. 

I’m talking about the old Joel Embiid, the guy who was guzzling Shirley Temples, thumbing out tweets, and dunking on opponent’s heads. And yes, it helps them win games. I know all that old junk about how you shouldn’t play angry or you shouldn’t use stuff like that to motivate you. Be Jo should. He should be trolling opponents and fans, anyone and everyone. He should be doing whatever the hell he wants, to whoever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants. Because it works.

That was a dominant, good a-hole showing from Embiid and you can’t tell me it wasn’t fueled by everything that’s gone on the last few days and his relationship with the fans.  

"They be going at me, I went back at them. We're all human beings. If I can take it, then everyone else can take it, too. So we move on, we learn from it, we move on. I gotta do a better job. They gotta do a better job. I understand where that comes from, but then again, if you dish it, you gotta be able to take it back. But at the end of the day, like I said in my location last night, it's all love. I love my city. I been here for a long time now -- we have a special relationship, and I'm happy to be here. I can't wait for the future, especially this year. I think we can accomplish something great."

Agreed. One really nice win over the Clippers and a three game winning streak doesn’t erase all of the Sixers problems. It doesn’t make Al Horford fit in the flow of the team more and it doesn’t resolve their issues away from Philly, but suddenly all those problems feel a lot smaller when Jo is dunking on fools both  on social media and on the court. Welcome back, Jo. You’ve been missed. And while I do get you’re trying to change and reinvent yourself, just know this: it didn’t work. Stop trying to fix what ain’t broke. Be the good ahole: and the best version of Tro-ell you can. Welcome home, big dawg.  Welcome home.