UFC 250

Amazing night of fights.

Jim Rome
June 08, 2020 - 9:18 am
Amanda Nunes

USA Today


UFC 250 went down on Saturday night and it was another great night for Dana White and his company. 

Starting with Sean O’Malley. If you aren’t familiar with the bantamweight with the crazy lettuce, I suggest you get familiar with him quickly. Because the Suga Show is a damn good show. 

The day before his fight with Eddie Wineland, O’Malley tweeted: “I’m feelin something flashy.”

And he delivered. Let’s go to the first round of the fight. And check the sound.

Holy crap. If you don’t know, now you know. That wasn’t just a knockoff that was a walkoff knockout. O’Malley knew the fight was over the moment his fist met Wineland’s face. That was a no-doubter. That was a guy squaring up on a fastball and flipping the bat well before the ball cleared the fence.

Normally, a guy drops an opponent with a shot and then jumps on top to finish him off. O’Malley dropped his guy, just shrugged and walked away. That was bad ass. Nasty as hell and cool as hell, at the same time.

Dropped him and then walked away like it was nothing. No jumping on the cage, no screaming, no chest pounding. Nothing. The ultimate reaction is no reaction.

And that wasn’t the only insane knockout of the night. Going into the co-main event between Cody Garbrandt and Rafael Assuncao. Was: where is Garbrandt right now? It wasn’t that long ago that he was the bantamweight champion, but then he lost three straight. And hadn’t fought in well over a year. And hadn’t won since 2016. Was he done? Was his mojo gone? In short, was he a shot fighter.

Let me answer that question with a question: have you ever seen a knockout like this?


Let me say this again: holy crap. That was one hell of knockout. And right at the final moment of the second round.

That was crazy.

The UFC fights without crowds have been great and I have to say, I haven’t really missed the crowds. But Saturday night was the first time that I did, because I would’ve loved to have heard the crowd after the knockouts from O’Malley and No Love.

And like O’Malley, he knew it was over before it was over. And I thought Daniel Cormier’s head was going to explode at cage side.

And he wasn’t alone. Twitter exploded as well.

Dominick Reyes: KO of the year!!!

Stephen Thompson: Sorry sugasean I think Cody stole half of that 100k bonus you were wanting!! AMAZING!!!!!!! #UFC250

Gilbert Burns: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. What a power + speed from Cody. Wow

It really was that good. And we still hadn’t gotten to the main event, the GOAT, Amanda Nunes facing Felicia Spencer.

The fact that a milestone card like UFC 250 was headlined by Nunes is all you need to know about just how great Nunes is. It’s not just about her being a double champ. It’s bigger than that.

She is a superstar, both in the cage and out of it. She has that thing that you can’t really describe, but you just know when you see.

She has “it” and she has a ton of it.

And she has crazy punching power. The kind of power to do this to Felicia Spencer.

She knocked the mouthpiece right out of Spencer’s mouth.

And that was just one part of an absolute clinic that Nunes put on. She dominated that fight. And it was a domination of the top contender at featherweight. And Nunes made it look like a sparring session.

That’s how good she is. The only reason that fight went five rounds is because Spencer is tough as hell. Nothing but respect for Spencer and how she handled herself, but she just wasn’t in the same league as Nunes on Saturday night. And again, Spencer was the top contender at featherweight.

And Nunes never let her into the fight. And refused to relax. She stayed sharp, like a cactus.

This is a sport where anyone can be beaten, but right now, and for the last six years, Nunes cannot be beaten.

Which raises the question: what now for Nunes? It’s not just that she’s a double champ. It’s not just that she became the first double champ to defend a title in two weight classes while holding two belts.

She’s beaten everyone who’s ever held a UFC belt at featherweight and bantamweight. Think about that. She’s not just the belt holder at featherweight and bantamweight, she’s beaten everyone else who’s ever held that belt.

And she’s beaten everyone who’s ever thought of holding that belt.

In some sports and some areas, there might be a question about who is the greatest of all time. Not here. Not when it comes to Nunes. There is no doubt. 

And then, when it was over, and she retained the belt, she went over and put the belt on Spencer, in a great show of sportsmanship and humanity. How many other champions do you know who do that? Nobody is coming to mind right now.

Amanda Nunes is simply awesome, in every single way. And she was the perfect way to cap off an incredible night at UFC 250.