Update On Bob Kraft And Sex Worker Story

Because he’s fighting it, that story is back.

Jim Rome
July 01, 2020 - 9:16 am
Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick

USA Today


Hey! Remember that time Bob Kraft got busted for visiting a sex worker in a Florida strip mall? If you had forgotten, I GET IT. First of all, even though it was less than a year and a half ago, a lot has happened since then. Hell, a lot has happened in 2020 alone.

And of course, because 2020 is gonna 2020, even though we’re at the halfway mark, we had to be reminded of Bob Kraft going to a sex worker in a Florida strip mall last year.

Because Bob Kraft’s solicitation of a prostitute case was back in court yesterday. A three judge panel heard arguments via Zoom about whether or not the police improperly received and executed search warrants.

According to TJ Quinn, the issue at stake is whether police violated the rights of the defendants by recording video for the entire three days of their investigation and failing to stop recording when it was clear that some parties were just getting massages and not participating in illegal acts.

Attorneys for Kraft and other defendants said police were required to minimize privacy violations of patrons who received legal massages and did not participate in illegal acts.

And here’s a particularly grim sentence from Quinn: “Attorneys also argued the cameras weren't necessary as police already had enough evidence to charge the spa owners, including bank records, website advertising, outside video surveillance and napkins containing bodily fluids retrieved from garbage bins.”

Notice what is not being argued here – Kraft isn’t arguing that he didn’t do what was alleged. As Quinn writes, “Kraft has never disputed the facts of the case, that he twice received sexual services at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, on Jan. 19 and 20, 2019, but has fought the misdemeanor charges against him as a violation of his Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.”

And as a reminder, this is the case that that made the public aware of a number of phrases, like the “boxer short rule” and “commercial sex purchaser.”

In case you’d forgotten, according to a detective who testified last year, the boxer short rule is “If they kept their boxer shorts on, then it was more than likely no illicit activity was going to occur.”

But, “When you go into one of these places and get completely naked, it’s a sign you’re a commercial sex purchaser.”

Again, I don’t blame you if you thought this case was over. Or that Bob Kraft had pled guilty to being a commercial sex purchaser and quietly made it all disappear.

Because that’s what we all wanted. Nobody wanted to be reminded of this case. NOBODY OTHER THAN MY MAN TREVOR PRYCE. But more than a year later, he’s still fighting it. And fighting like crazy to keep the video from going public.

And I get that. But each time he fights, each time there is a court hearing, it just brings everything rushing back.

It brings back details like this from TMZ: “As we reported, cops placed cameras inside the spa and say they have video of Kraft making 2 visits to the spa. Cops say it includes footage of 2 women "manipulating his genitals."

I don’t need to need to be reminded of allegations that two women were manipulating Bob Kraft’s genitals. I’ve used so much mental bleach on myself to get rid of that and then you bring it all back like that? That’s jacked up.  It took me years to scrub my mental hard drive of Art Modell saying he bruised his scrotum in the shower; I never, ever want to hear about Bob Kraft’s genitals. 

Just like now I’m reminded of the fact that the local sheriff told CNBC said he saw some of the video from the sting and that it’s “explicit, sexual, and graphic.”

Again, I don’t need that. Nobody needs that. Just like nobody needs to hear the sheriff describing what it was like to see the video: "I watched and just left the room. There is nothing to see. It's pretty ugly."

You know what’s ugly? The fact that I have to deal with this story again and those mental images again. 2020 was bad enough without being reminded of Bob Kraft allegedly having his genitals manipulated and that it was allegedly “pretty ugly.”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I completely understand why Bob Kraft is fighting this. If you’ve got the resources to fight something, you might as well fight it. And like I’ve always said, if I was accused of something I did not do, I would scream it from the rooftops that I’m innocent.

But in a situation like this, fighting the story only keeps the story around. It’s a variation on the Streisand Effect. The more you fight to keep this story out of the public, the more it’s in the public.

Prior to yesterday, if you’d asked most people about Bob Kraft’s multiple visits to the sex worker in the strip mall, including one visit on the morning of the AFC Championship game, they would’ve said they vaguely remember it. And they probably would’ve said that he had made the story go away.

But because he’s fighting it, that story is back. I know you want to clear your name and you’ll do anything to achieve that. But the more this lingers, the more the name Bob Kraft is linked with phrases like “commercial sex purchaser” and “manipulating his genitals.”

If you aren’t disputing the allegations and are trying to get off on a technicality as it relates to how the evidence was obtained, just take a deal and walk. Put this behind you. Put this behind us all. Because we’re the ones who suffer when this case comes back into the news. If you’re not going to think of yourself, think of the rest of us.