Urb Close To Reaching Deal With Jags


Jim Rome
January 14, 2021 - 10:43 am
Urban Meyer

USA Today


Duuuvalllll! Sacksonville! Danika! How are you feeling right now?

I ask, because according to reports, it’s not a matter of if urban Meyer is the new head coach in Jacksonville, it is a matter of when. And that is one hell of a move, for both him and the team.

There is so much to unpack here. Let’s start with this fact: the amount that Jacksonville is shelling out for him is going to be completely and utterly enormous. Like blank check, brinks truck, throw open the doors of the vault, kind of money.

Secondly, if this does happen, what does it say about Meyer? This is a guy who resigned from Florida for some mishmash of excuses, something about spending more time with his family and being disgusted with the state of college football.

Only to come racing back the moment the Ohio state job opened up, only to get in hot water again for his role in the Zach smith spousal abuse case. And then retiring a few months after that, blaming his health, and saying "I believe I will not coach again.

Surprise, surprise, motherbleepers, actually, it’s no surprise at all that roughly two years later, he’s on the verge of coming back. Again. Because he’s always been on the verge of coming back. Even when he had a job, he was always on the verge of leaving that job, giving some weird reason, and then taking a new job months later.

But this could be different. This is the NFL. This isn’t college. And that transition from college to the NFL hasn’t always been easy for coaches. When it’s been good, it’s been great. Jimmy Johnson and Pete Carroll come to mind. But when it’s been bad, it’s been terrible. Steve Spurrier in Washington and Bobby Petrino quitting in Atlanta come to mind.

And then there’s Nick Saban. The greatest college coach of all time wasn’t even mediocre in the NFL. He wasn’t as bad as you probably think he was, but he sure as hell wasn’t stacking Lombardi’s next to his snack cakes. So if the goat can’t do it, there’s no guarantee that Urb can do it.

Except the difference is the situation. And this Jags job is a lot better than Saban’s Dolphins job was. 

Meyer is making the leap with an organization that came about as close as you can come to winning the AFC a few years back and then fell on hard times. But make no mistake about it, the opportunity with the jags is a good one. A very, very good one.

Nick Saban was trying to make it work with Gus Frerotte, joey Harrington, Daunte Culpeper, and Cleo lemon. And let’s just say that the law firm of Frerotte, Harrington, Culpeper, and Lemon wasn’t exactly a crack squad.

In Jacksonville, urban Meyer would have Trevor Lawrence. That makes all the difference in the world. If you have the quarterback, you’re more than halfway there.

The rap on college coaches has always been that they can’t recruit when they get to the NFL. That you aren’t guaranteed a massive talent advantage over your competition year in and year out.

But in the NFL, the most important position is quarterback and the Jags have the chance to get a guy who everyone believes is a generational quarterback.

But it’s still not exactly a slam dunk. This isn’t just a matter of having an introductory press conference in January 2021 and then holding a Super Bowl parade in February 2022. There is a lot of work and a lot of things that will have to go right for this to go right.

There is no guarantee that the schemes and approaches that Meyer ran at Florida or Ohio State automatically translate.

Or that one of Meyer’s edges, which has been his ability to inspire and motivate teenagers and guys in their early 20s will work with grown men. Then again, Pete Carroll was supposedly just a rah-rah guy when he left USC and that approach seems to have worked pretty well in the NFL.

But if you’re Urban Meyer and you’re going to jump into another job for a few years before bailing for something else, this is the one to jump into. Because it’s not just that they’ve got a boatload of picks in the top 45. They’ve got some cap space. You’ve already got some young players who can play. There’s a lot to like about situation if you’re Meyer. There’s even a lot to like about Meyer if you’re the Jags. But there’s a helluva lot to be concerned about to. Like how he’ll handle the losses. There’s a reason they have the number one pick: and this guy has never really lost, and the few times he did, it damn near killed him. Literally. So what’s going to happen if he takes that gig, and gets his ass kicked 12 times next year.  Or more.  Is he going bail on them the way he does and do another contract with his family saying he’ll spend more time with them?  Or quit and blame it on his health when in reality it’s that he couldn’t coach, lead or motivate at this. Level? Go ahead j’ville, just make sure you go in with your eyes wide open, but there’s no guarantee here, other than he’ll bounced on you before you get a chance to blow him out.