Urban Meyer's Future

It is impossible to trust Urb when Urb is talking about Urb.

Jim Rome
September 13, 2019 - 11:45 am
Urban Meyer

USA Today


If you had September 12th on your ticket, you can come collect your bet. Because September 12th appears to be the first time that Urban Meyer has publicly talked about coaching again next season.

He told Cleveland dot com that “That only thing that still gets me a little bit is, ‘Am I making an impact?’ That’s what I miss more than anything. I miss winning and I miss that. That’s the only thing I think about once in a while.”

Get a load of this guy. Making an impact? My man, you’ve already made too much an impact and not in a good way. 

But according to the article, the people who might keep him from returning to coaching are the ones who gather in a classroom at Ohio State for his class on “Leadership and Character.” That’s the class that Meyer is using to rehab his image…ERRRRRR co-teaching after he quit coaching last season. 

You remember, the season where he was suspended for three games for how he handled accusations of domestic abuse by one of his assistants. Somehow, the guy who could remember every play he ever called against Michigan, but couldn’t remember key parts of the Zach Smith investigation because of medicine he takes, has a job teaching a class on leadership and character.  

According to Cleveland dot com, “the class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:30 a.m. To 12:25 p.m. Meyer spoke two days before Hall, that Wednesday serving as his first appearance of this semester because of his Fox college football duties. But he’ll be in once or twice a week the rest of the semester.”

Nothing screams “Leadership and Character” like showing up once or twice a week to teach leadership and character. 

And I know what some of you will say – Hey, Rome, that’s not fair. He’s co-teaching that class, he doesn’t need to be there all the time.

To which I would say, Urban Meyer has absolutely no business being associated with the words “leadership” or “character” and it’s insulting to the world of academia that he’s even co-teaching such a class. When you look at his track record, I’m not even sure he should be a student in a class on Leadership and Character, let alone co-teaching it. 

Well, now in addition to not really teaching, he’s also not really retired. 

When asked about possibly coaching next year, Meyer said: “I’m not there at the moment. Like you said, next year can I say that? We’ll talk again next year and we’ll see.”

Sure, some of you will say – wow, only two games into his latest retirement and he’s already floating the idea of coming back, that’s fast. 

To which I would say, what took him so long?

I’d say the guy is getting a little slower in retirement. I actually expected this “breaking news” to land right after the ball was kicked in the Canes-Gators game to start the season. 

Because the only thing more predictable than the Patriots signing Antonio Brown and then acting the way they have after signing him, is Urban Meyer announcing his retirement and then coming back a few weeks into his retirement.

Then again, let’s go back to when he retired. The first time.

That was after the 2009 SEC title game loss, when Meyer went to the hospital, thinking he was having a heart attack and resigned. Only to change his mind a few hours later after being at a “spirited practice” with his players.

And then he really did retire from Florida one year later to spend more time with his family and wave around that letter from his kids. Or was that letter from his kids when he came back? I can’t keep Urban Meyer’s stories straight and neither can he.

Because he retired from Florida to spend more time with his family and then came back a few months later. 

Remember when he said he didn’t like the state of college football at the end of his time at Florida? You know, when one Gator after another was being arrested? That was weird. 

Almost as weird as his retirement last year. As I said at the time, if you get fired three times in nine years, that’s a lot. And if you retire three times in nine years, well then I have no idea what that is.

And neither did Meyer.

Reporter: “Is this truly it for your football career?”

And Meyer started his response with: “It’s a complicated question…” 

Is it though? Is it a complicated question? Because given your track record, you had to know it was coming. 

“It’s a complicated question, and I’ll try to answer it the best I can. This is home. This is where I grew up. It isn’t healthy but I came to work every day with fear of letting people like Archie Griffin and the our great state of Ohio down because this is home. I’m a graduate of Ohio State. We have the best fans in the land, and I didn’t want to let them down.”

Because he was asked about it again. When asked later if he believed he would not coach again, Meyer said: "I believe I will not coach again."

And then asked if he was certain, he responded: “Fairly certain, yes.”

And everyone not named Urban Meyer was fairly certain he was going to come back. That’s when all the Clay Helton jokes started. That’s how predictable this all is and how unreliable he is.

If Urban Meyer was the person that Urban Meyer thinks he is, this would be completely different. Unfortunately, Urban Meyer is not the guy he believes he is. 

Because the moment Urban Meyer announces his retirement, everyone starts making jokes about what job he’ll take next. And now he’s starting to float his availability again. 

SO Forgive me if I don’t believe Urban Meyer when it comes to anything other than football. If Urban Meyer says Urban Meyer will never coach again, I’m getting a second opinion.

Because it is impossible to trust Urban Meyer when Urban Meyer is talking about Urban Meyer.