USC Says Helton Remains Coach

Trojan fan is bent.

Jim Rome
December 05, 2019 - 11:01 am
Clay Helton

USA Today


After a number of days of weird speculation about the future of Clay Helton, USC athletic director Mike Bohn tweeted out the news yesterday:

I am pleased to let you know Coach Helton will continue to be our head coach. His commitment to our student-athletes and to leading with integrity is vital to restoring our championship program, which is the goal for all of our teams.

And the response was, well, it wasn’t great. It’s never a good sign when your coaching announcement tweet gets ratio’d into oblivion. 

And especially when that is happening for the second year in a row. Because it was roughly this time last year that USC announced Helton was coming back after the loss to Notre Dame and that was greeted with rage. 

And this time, Bohn wasn’t the only one hearing about it. USC president Carol Folt tweeted out a photo and congratulatory message: 

What an honor to present Emeritus Professor Victor Webb with the Robert Biller Service Award for 10 years of work with the first gen Caldwell Scholars. Very special to celebrate him with the family of Russell Caldwell, who founded the program.

And that tweet about an honor for an Emeritus Professor was greeted with replies like this:

That’s awesome!!! Now please fire Clueless Clay Helton and make USC a respectable football program again


What a great honor, but the greatest honor of all would be to



To get the program right and so the school would not lose millions of dollars when the big time alumni don't back the school if Helton is still coach

And then this one that just cut to the chase:

What is the holdup??? Fire Helton already!!

Seems like a really strong reaction to a head coach who lost his starting quarterback and still managed to win eight games with a freshman backup who was overlooked by everyone and now looks like the real deal. Oh, and he lost his backup for a stretch and had to go with the backup to the backup for a while and still managed to have a look at winning the division. And is now going into next season with what could be a very exciting quarterback battle. 

Normally getting eight wins out of a season like that is a reason to party, not riot. 

But USC fans are pissed. Like really, really pissed. Because they thought a change was going to be made. They had visions of Urban Meyer or James Franklin dancing in their heads. And now it’s Clay Helton. 

And because this is the second year they’ve been told that they’re running it back with Helton.

They are raging. They want blood. They want someone’s head on a stick. They are looking to go on Twitter. “Fight On!” Has become “Fight Me!” 

Because for a while now, they’d convinced themselves that someone else was coming. And that someone might be Urban Meyer.

Old Urb would come down from the broadcast set, hop on a Traveler, ride to midfield, slam a sword into the ground, wave around a letter from his kids about his newest round of promises, and then start reeling off Rose Bowls. 

But if you’ve been thinking that, you’re begging. Urban Meyer wasn’t happening. Either USC didn’t want him or he didn’t want USC. Or neither wanted each other. But for weeks, all the signs were pointing to him not coming. And if you thought he was, you hadn’t been reading the vibes and you were just living in some fantasy land. And that fantasy was destroyed yesterday.

And here’s the other part of the fantasy land – according to Yahoo Sports, it would cost USC something in the neighborhood of 20 million to buy out Helton and his staff. And then you’d need the money for a new head coach. That is a ton of money even for the super-rich at USC.

How do you think those people got super rich in the first place? Not buy lighting millions and millions onfire: but how many boosters are willing to write that kind of check to a guy to not coach? And then come up with another huge check for a guy who will coach?

Helton is a really good dude, but Clearly USC fans don’t like Him. And they probably never will, no matter what he does. And the fact that Coach O is doing what he’s doing at LSU right now makes it burn even worse. Because they had him and he really wanted them, and then they passed him over. 

I’m not saying that Clay Helton is the next Pete Carroll. He’s not perfect, but he’s good. And right now, that is really good. 

Because here’s the other thing about USC right now and I hate to break it to Trojan fans: but your school has lurched from one scandal to another. The athletic department alone has been involved in two separate federal investigations. The fallout from that is still ongoing. 

And you want to bring Urban Meyer into that situation? That’s an awesome idea. We’ve got two federal investigations, let’s see if we can get the hat trick! Let’s just bring ol Urb so he can dump a bunch of gasoline on that dumpster fire:

I know that getting blown out by Oregon didn’t feel good. And the recruiting rankings don’t look good. And the issues with discipline on the field are concerning. And the empty seats at the Coliseum are bad. 

But the only reason you’re upset now is because you got your hopes up, despite all the evidence to the contrary: that’s on you. Not on Helton, not on the new A.D., not on the president: that’s on you; because if you really had been paying attention, you would have seen this coming. And that Urb never was. And neither was James Franklin. They were never breaking this guy off: not right now: and especially not at that cost. How did you not know that, Trojan fan??