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Vikings Fan, You Like That?

Minnesota brought this guy in to be a difference maker.

December 11, 2018 - 9:38 am

Nobody is taking more this morning than Kirk Cousins. Minnesota brought this guy in to be a difference maker. The only difference he's made is that he's taken a 13-win team and turned them into a .500 outfit. 

Now let's be fair: Kirk isn't in charge of blocking. Kirk isn't calling the plays. Kirk was the dude running for his life last night as Peter sent those young dudes dressed like skittles after him early and often. 

But let's also be fair. When you slide a guy a sharpie and a fully-guaranteed 84-million dollar, part of what comes with that record-setting deal is an expectation. The expectation being, that you'll be better than Case Keenum. 

Look, I saw Kirk Cousins out-gun Aaron Rodgers in Week 2 when the Vikes and Pack played to a 29-29 tie. I saw him throw for 422 and three touchdowns against the Rams in the Coliseum. Everybody calling this dude a garbage quarterback is purposely ignoring some pretty nice work he did earlier in the season. But I also saw the Tweet from SportsLine that was floating around last night -- and Kirk, let's be real for a second. You are NOT going to LIKE THAT.

The blue-check account of @Sportsline tweeted: 

Kirk Cousins Career Stats: 

Record in Primetime Games: 5-13

Record vs Winning Teams: 4-24

Record vs Winning Teams this year: 0-5

Career Road Record: 12-23-2

Career Record on Monday Night Football: 0-7

Minnesota brought this dude in to win big games. And so far this year he's gone out and lost every big game he played in. 

He took it on the chin in primetime against the Rams and the Saints. Got eaten alive and looked awful against the Bears. Played in the national game of the week in the late afternoon slot against the Hood and TB12 last week and looked terrible. And then last night, he threw for 27 YARDS IN THE FIRST HALF against Seattle and didn't put up a point until there was 70 seconds left. 

Here's a stat that probably didn't get enough attention going into last night's game. Since 2012, when both Russ Wilson and Kirk Cousins came into the league, Russ has had the best winning percentage in primetime games. Kirk is tied for the worst. And even if Russ played his worst statistical game of the season, when the chips were in the middle, he made a big play. When Kirk had 4th and Goal and needed a touchdown, he missed a wide open Adam Thielen and jammed a ball into double coverage. 

And Thielen said don’t put it on the coaches. Put it on the players, quote:"You hear the offense coordinator is getting a lot of ridicule, but it's about the players. Players got to make the plays. It doesn't matter what play is called, you have to run that play & you have to be successful on it & it just comes down to execution.''

That's pretty strong. But this is even stronger. Here's a tweet from Will Brinson: 

"ESPN mic just picked up Adam Thielen yelling, "it's been there all BLEEPING day" after a big catch and run. Awkward."

That is AWKWARD. 

Maybe not as awkward as Kirk's old GM calling him Kurt. But then again, you look at the absolute trainwreck that the Redskins are right now, and then you realize they HAVE THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF WINS, and while you’re worth whatever someone will pay you, the Vikings are not getting a good return on their investment in Kirk Cousins. They’re still on track to make the playoffs. I guess. But they didn’t bring this guy him and guarantee him hella jack to just make the playoffs: and you don’t guarantee that kind of jack to just make the Super Bowl either. You pay a guy that kind of dough to WIN you the super bowl: and neither Cousins nor his crew is Super Bowl worthy.  Nowhere near it. Not now. And maybe not ever. I’ll say it again, I couldn’t be more impressed with the way Seattle has turned it season around. And less impressed with the Vikings, who get punched in the face every time they face anyone who matters. They’re now 0-5 against teams with winning records. There’s a word to describe a crew like that: fraudulent. And while it’s not all on Cousins, he’s going to have to play a helluva lot better or this team WILL miss the playoffs: which would be unforgivable given the talent they have. 

Hey Vikings fan, YOU LIKE THAT?  YOU LIKE THAT??! Didn't think so.