The Warriors Are Busted Up

This series isn't over.

Jim Rome
June 04, 2019 - 11:13 am
Klay Thompson

USA Today


There was a sense among some that when the Warriors won Game 2 of the Finals, they had actually won the Finals. That they already had the Larry O’Brien Trophy in their hands and it was just a matter of scheduling the parade. Right? I mean, they were going back to Oakland tied 1-1 and Kevin Durant was about to come back and it was over for Toronto.

It was just a matter of getting the injury update from the team and then you could figure out whether Toronto would lose in 5 or 6.

And then came the injury update yesterday: Warriors guard Klay Thompson, who exited last night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals with 7:59 remaining in the fourth quarter due to left hamstring tightness, underwent an MRI exam today in the Bay Area. The MRI indicated a mild strain of the hamstring. At this point, Thompson is listed as questionable for Game 3 on Wednesday.

Forward Kevon Looney, who did not play in the second half of last night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals due to an upper body injury, underwent an MRI exam today in the Bay Area. The MRI indicated that Looney has suffered a non-displaced first costal cartilage fracture (right side). He will be out indefinitely.

YEAAHHHH, that’s not the injury update Warriors fans were hoping for. They were hoping for some good news about Kevin Durant and instead they got Klay Thompson being questionable for tomorrow night…as I said yesterday, 45 I’m no doctor, but when I saw Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant busting on that quote, bumass, Drake, in the tunnel after game 2, KD. Looked a helluva lot more agile to me than Klay did. So we may not see Klay in Game 3, and it looks as if he won’t see Looney, a guy Steve Kerr has called a “foundational piece” for the rest of the series.  

So maybe we focus on that for a minute instead of conspiracy theories about Nike t-shirts and Toronto property purchases. You know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, that’s cool. You’re fine. You’re not really missing out at the moment.

Because that sets up today as one of the most important off days of the Warriors season and maybe of their dynasty. How does Klay look? How does KD look? Can one or both of them go tomorrow night? And if one or both do play, how much can they give you? Or do they both miss out?

You know KD wants to be out there. All you had to do was watch him in the hallway, and see how fired up he was, to know how badly he wants to be out there and doing everything he can to lock up another ring. To re-engage. For a guy who has already allegedly left, he sure seems anxious to get back in the fight with his guys. 

And Klay is doing everything he can right now to go tomorrow night. Don’t confuse this dude’s laid back Cali demeanor for any kind of lack of grit or toughness. Dude would cut off his leg if he thought that would let him play tomorrow night.

And if you really want to get into the weeds on it, there is camera phone footage of Klay and KD moving fairly well at the airport when the team landed after Game 2. That’s encouraging. Then again… hamstrings and calves, are funny, right? 

And by funny, I mean they suck.

You’re better off jacking up your ankle than straining your hamstring or your calf. At least you can tape up an ankle and muscle through it. You can’t muscle through a muscle strain.

And even if you get out there, it can go again at any minute. Which means that the Warriors have just over 24 hours to figure out how to handle this. And on top of that, they need Steph Curry to get fully healthy. And Andre Iguodala to get as close to healthy as he can get. And as effective as Demarcus Cousins was in Game 2, and he was huge, he’s still dinged and trying to come back from two significant injuries. In other words, the Warriors are jacked the hell up physically. 

Not that anyone is going to cry for the Warriors. And not that they’re looking for any of your sympathy either. Oh, you’re going to be without two Hall of Famers and you’ll just have to go with three instead of the usual five?

That’s not exactly the kind of thing that inspires sympathy. But it is a problem. If KD and Klay are both out, where do the points come from?

And it’s not just KD and Klay, it’s also Looney. He’s done for the Finals. At least there’s no mystery there. But that is a loss. A huge loss. He was turning into a defensive monster who was comfortable guarding guys like James Harden on the perimeter and eating glass on the inside. Now they have to go on without him.

It didn’t matter in Game 2 because DeMarcus Cousins turned in a legendary game, but can he do it again? Can you count on him for another double-double in 28 minutes? That is a big, big ask for the big fella. Not saying he can’t do it, but that was an epic performance. Can he match it or exceed it? They may need him to?

And Can Jungle and societal legend Andrew Bogut keep on giving you that presence on both ends? How does Toronto respond now that they have time to prepare for that? Because you know Nick Nurse is going to work something up. I said it yesterday and I will say it again: this series wasn't over after Game 1 and it's sure as hell is not over after Game 2.  Especially since we have no idea who will go weds night and who won’t.