Warriors Steal Game 2

Draymond and Andre will never get the respect they deserve.

Jim Rome
May 17, 2019 - 9:13 am
Andre Iguodala and Damian Lillard

USA Today


No one likes the guy who says, I TOLD YOU SO.  So I’m not going to be that guy. Yes I am. I told you so. I told you after Game 1 that Portland wouldn’t quit. That Portland was going to battle. And they did. They battled their asses off last night.

You knew the Blazers would get nice when CJ McCollum finally met the legendary Jennifer in person before the game. And he was trying... Again,… Jennifer. And he was succeeding.

And then finding Chief on the break.

The Blazers did exactly what I expected them to do – they finally got some rest after that brutal Game 7-Game 1 combo, got their legs under them, made some adjustments on defense and came out flying on offense. They led by 15 at the half, even had it at 17 at one point. 

But then in the third quarter, Golden State went old school Golden State. Back in the day, nobody dominated the third quarter like the Warriors. Your team goes into the locker room at halftime, gets some Gatorade. The Warriors would go into the locker room at halftime and guzzle rocket fuel.

You could be up double digits at halftime, and you knew they were going to come back.  Because they always did.

And they did it again last night. Here is the absolutely soul-crushing thing about playing Golden State - no lead is big enough. Not where they’re locked in defensively, and not when they moving the ball well offensively. If you’re up by 15, you’re tied. And probably losing.

And they did it again last night. They were down 17 with 11:44 to go in the third. And up 5 with 1:31 to go in the third. A 22 point swing. Three quick touchdowns. And that should’ve crushed Portland.

But it didn’t. Because nothing crushes Portland. They bounced back, reclaimed the lead, and were up by 8 with just over four minutes to go.

And then came another Golden State run. A run that included passes like this from Draymond Green.

That is pure wizardry. And let me take a moment right here to talk about something. As cool as it might have been to watch Steph and Seth go at each other last night, and it was cool, that game wasn’t about Seth Curry. And it wasn’t about Steph Curry. It wasn’t about Klay Thompson either. It was about two guys: Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Draymond and Andre will never get the respect they deserve. As much respect as they get, it’s not enough. Five years into this, there are still dopes who think that Draymond is only special because he plays for the Warriors. Wrong. The Warriors are special because Draymond plays for them. 16 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, and 5 blocked shots. And those are the most basic numbers to track.

Find me another four or five who can make some of the passes he does. Who punishes you on the pick and roll the way he does. And who defends just about every aspect of the game the way he does.

You still want to know why he’s special? Check this montage from that four minute run. He’s involved in nearly everything.

But Portland still had a chance. And then Andre Iguodala did it again.

And by “it”, I mean stripped Damian Lillard. That went down in the official scorebook as a blocked shot, but it’s going down in the memory bank as an Iggy Special.

He stole the ball from Lillard and stole Game 2 for the Warriors in the process. Because Steve Kerr said afterwards that Golden State stole that game. And he’s right. Portland did absolutely everything they had to do to win. They ran a winning race. And still lost. 

As for Iggy, that’s not an accident. That wasn’t a fluke play, that’s Iggy’s signature move. He is an absolute scientist when it comes to swiping the ball. He studies that the way baseball players study launch angles and exit velocity. You want a clinic on swiping, go to YouTube and check out Iggy. Or just listen to him after the game, because as good as that play was, he wasn't really that impressed. 

Agree to disagree, Andre. That was a pretty good play. 

And the only thing better than that play, was how he celebrated it. By running up the tunnel to the locker room staring at his hands and shouting “These motherbleepers are crazy.”

He’s right. Those motherbleepers are crazy. And you better respect them…before he gives them to you. 

And I’ll say it again, Portland is not going to quit.  They’re not going to fold.  But that’s a game that they had to have; that they seemingly already won, only to have golden state come all the way back and stab them in the heart.  They’re not the first team Golden State has done that too. And won’t be the last. With or without Kevin Durant.