Washington Is Horrible

Not just team, but the organization too.

Jim Rome
September 24, 2019 - 9:31 am
Case Keenum

USA Today


Last night was a pretty horrible night for the Gruden clan. Jay Gruden got his ass kicked on national television and Jon Gruden played a part. Because, in case anyone forgot, Jon Gruden was the guy who traded Khalil Mack and in case anyone forgot, Khalil Mack is really good at football.

Because he does things like this.

And this.

Two sacks. Two forced fumbles. And he had another sack and fumbled called back because of a penalty on a defensive back.

That would’ve been three sacks and three forced fumbles. That’s a season for a lot of players and he did it in just one game. Better yet, he did that in just the first half.

Jay Gruden had to be watching that and wondering what the hell his brother Jon was thinking when he traded that guy. Especially, since that guy didn’t ask for a trade and wasn’t looking to leave. I’m sure Jay was pumped that Jon was personally responsible for nearly getting Jay fired on the spot last night. Thanks, bro!! 

But let’s not put it all on the Gruden bros: sure, it was a horrible look for anyone and everyone with the last name, Gruden, but that was a terrible night for Washington as a whole. 

Actually, it would be a terrible night for any other team. For Washington, it was just a night. It’s what they’re used to. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. It’s where they live.  And it’s been like that for a long time. And probably always will be. 

I mean, it’s not exactly a well-kept secret that the Redskins are absolute garbage on Monday Night. Last night’s 31-15 loss meant they’ve dropped seven straight home Monday Night games. That’s the second longest home losing streak on Monday night.

So Washington has the second-longest home losing streak on Monday night and I know what you’re thinking – who has the longest? Answer: Washington.

They have this current 7 game streak and they have a 10 game streak that came just before it. They’re 1-17 at home on Monday Night. The hell is the league doing letting the Redskins anywhere near Monday night with a record like that????? Actually, I have a better question: the hell is the league letting the Redskins near any game? Monday, Sunday, Thursday, etc.

At this point, I’ve got to ask – what is the point? What are they doing?

Seriously, what are they doing right now?

Miami takes all the heat for tanking, and they should, but Washington is this bad and they aren’t even tanking. They’re trying and they’re still getting steamrolled 28-3 in the first half at home on Monday night. In fact, I could argue that while the Dolphins might be the worst NFL team ever, the Redskins situation might be even worse. While it guarantees nothing, the Dolphins at least have a bleep ton of picks. What do the Redskins have? Scary Terry. And a bunch of garbage.

This is who Washington is. This is what they are as a franchise and who they’ve been for a long time. Garbage, from top to bottom.

We’re in the sixth year of Jay Gruden’s run. He’s been to the playoffs once. Any other serious organization with a serious fanbase sees that and makes a move a long time ago. Washington just pretends it’s not happening and hopes no one notices. But people are. Attendance is falling. Interest is practically non-existent. And yet nothing changes. At this point, I’m not sure what’s worse: the organization and how it runs? Or the apathy and the fact that no one really seems to give a damn. I know the fans are over it: because they aren’t showing up. And the front office doesn’t seem to mind either because they’re not doing anything to fix it.

It doesn’t really seem to bother anyone. Well, aside from defensive end Jonathan Allen who said after the game that the team has talent, but that doesn’t matter: "You can look at the worst team in the NFL. Every team has talent. That means absolutely bleep. You don't win games with talent. Simple as that."

He had more: "There ain't no magic sauce to get this thing turned around. ... Do the little things right.”

He added: "You don't support us now, which you shouldn’t because were playing like mother bleeping bleep. I don’t know what you want me to tell you. Don’t support us now don’t support us later. We going to circle the wagons and we’re going to get bleep right."

I love the attitude, Jonathan, I just wish I could believe it. Because getting bleep right in Washington isn’t just about the players, it’s about everything in that organization.

This organization has a way of taking good things and making them bad. Really bad. If Thursday Night Football was a team, it would be Washington. If the phrase “world of suck” was a team, it would be this team.

Case Keenum isn’t Patrick Mahomes, but Case Keenum is a solid quarterback. And he’s been pretty solid through his first two games, but then the Washington kicked in. He had five turnovers last night.

Like this one, which was complete amateur hour.

He was trying to go over the top for a first down, but in reality, he was just handing the ball to Danny Trevathan. That’s a rookie move. That’s a high school move. 

Then again, Washington is a rookie organization. Everything about that organization is amateur hour. From the fact that they are god awful on Monday night to the way they welcomed London Fletcher to the Ring of Honor – by misspelling his name on the scoreboard.

London Fletcher.

Goes to four Pro Bowls, starts 112 straight games for your team, and you misspell his name on the Jumbotron. How high school of them.

FIU’s Ronald Berkman and President Madique can’t believe how badly Washington screwed that up.

When you’re putting someone into the Ring of Honor, the name is the only thing that matters. They apparently got it right in the Ring of Honor and they somehow managed to spell it wrong on the scoreboard.

And it’s not like Fletcher is some overly complicated name. It’s pretty straightforward. And he was pretty much the last good thing to happen to that organization. But as good as he is, even London Fletcher can’t overcome the Washington-ness of this organization.

Remember, Dan Snyder is a guy who Stephen Jones called a “visionary.”

The only visionary I saw in the stadium last night was the dude caught on camera stirring the Gatorade with a sleeve of cups.

That’s so Washington. You see that and think, that’s disgusting.” I see that and think, “Washington.” I see that and think “visionary.”

Other teams might have a guy using a spoon or a paddle, Washington is the only team that would somehow have an employee stirring the bucket with a sleeve of cups. Why not just stick your whole arm in there and give it a spin? Just roll the sleeve up and get in there.

Make the Cup Stirrer the owner and you’re going to get this bleep right.