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Week 2

How was your Sunday?

September 17, 2018 - 9:16 am

How was your Sunday? Because the NFL’s Sunday was unreal. Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jacksonville Jaguars and a Buffalo Bills player retiring at halftime. And that was all in a matter of hours. And it’s only Week 2. It’s not even October and this season is already straight fire.

There was so much from yesterday, I don’t know where to start. But I’ll start with a question: HOW BOUT THOSE CHIEFS?

How bout that Patrick Mahomes? When Kansas City was willing to trade Alex Smith and give the team to Mahomes after one start, the expectations went through the roof. And they still weren’t high enough, because Mahomes is smashing expectations, smashing records, and smashing secondary’s. 

Week 1: 256 yards, 4 touchdowns against the Chargers. And yesterday, 23 of 28 for 326 yards and 6 TOUCHDOWNS. Yes, I said SIX TOUCHDOWNS. Roll it!

Absolutely unreal. You combine Mahomes with Andy Reid’s offense and all of those weapons, and it is an absolute nightmare. That’s an NFL record 10 touchdowns in the first two games against the Chargers and Steelers, two Super Bowl contenders.

Nobody gives out an MVP award after two weeks, but if they did, Mahomes would be right there to take it. And the only reason it isn’t a lock is because of a little thing called FitzMagic.

417 yards and 4 touchdowns in Week 1 against the Saints. 402 yards and 4 touchdowns in Week 2 against the Eagles. Ryan Freaking Fitzpatrick, if you need him. And the Bucs do. And what they don’t need is Jameis Winston. 

I mean, can you honestly imagine if Ryan Fitzpatrick, in his 14th season, ripped the starting job from Jameis Winston? Harvard v. Heisman? That would be the single greatest story ever. Speaking of that, did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick played college football for a school in the Boston area? Little known fact, just wanted to get it out there. 

What isn’t a little known fact is that Winston is still out for one more game, but you can’t just give him the job the moment he’s back. Not the way Fitzpatrick is playing. Who would bench a guy with back-to-back 400 yard games? Who would bench a guy who, if we lived in some bizarre world where the NFL played a two-game season, would be the MVP?

And if Fitzpatrick isn’t the MVP, his podium outfit was. Ripped straight from Desean Jackson and he was killing it.

Yes, he has to give the clothes back. No way he gives his job back. Not if he continues to play anywhere close to this. 

And if Week 2 ended there, it would’ve been great. But it didn’t, because we still had Pats-Jags, the AFC title game rematch. And the Jacksonville Jaguars absolutely took it to the Patriots. There was no awe. There was no intimidation. 

Just check that first quarter catch from Keenan Cole.

21-3 at halftime. 24-3 halfway through the third quarter. They were this close to humiliating the Pats. But had to settle for a 31-20 win. But don’t let the final score fool you. They didn’t just beat New England, they dominated them. And they did it without Leonard Fournette.

They did it in every facet of the game. Blake Bortles outplayed Tom Brady. Yeah, I said it. Blake Bortles outplayed Tom Brady. The Jags secondary shut down Rob Gronkowski. Yeah, he said it: “They did a good job overall. I just have to watch the film, how they did it. They've got good players. I have to play better. They did a good job. They're a good team."

2 catches, 15 yards. Non-factor. And the Jags didn’t do it with smoke and mirrors and tricks. They bullied him, with Tayshaun Gipson doing most of the bullying.  

And remember how they were criticized for being cautious offensively in the AFC championship game? Not yesterday. They were still aggressive even with a lead. They let Blake Bortles win that game for them, and he did. Because that Blake Bortles was good, he had his own defense’s attention. Just ask Calais Campbell"I was grabbing popcorn. Every time he was with the ball in his hands I was like, 'He's about to do something great.' And then he's running and spinning. It was impressive."

It wasn’t just impressive. It wasn’t just good. That was Super Bowl good. Blake Bortles plays like that and the Jags don’t just get to the Super Bowl, they win it. 

Jacksonville didn’t just look legit. They looked like the defending AFC champs, while the actual defending AFC champs were getting screamed at on the sideline by Brady. 

There’s no such thing as a statement game in mid-September, but that was a statement game in mid-September. Statement being: the Jags are not a fluke. The Jags are not here to take part. The Jags are here to take over.