Week 4

Jalen and Uncle Golden give each other the hands.

Jim Rome
October 05, 2020 - 9:28 am
Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate

USA Today


I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I hate to say I told you so. Really, there’s nothing I hate MORE than I told you so. But well, I told you so. And no, I’m not starting the recap with the biggest I told you so of the weekend, that’s getting its own take. But here’s a much smaller, I told you so. A mini, I told you so. 

I went on The NFL Today yesterday to hype Russell Wilson and then all he did was back me up by completing 71% of his passes for 360 yards and two touchdowns.

16th touchdowns in the first four games of the season, tying Peyton Manning’s record. Seattle’s 4-0 for the first time since they won the Super Bowl. With the issues they have on defense, they are far from perfect, but Russ is pretty damn close. You know how good you have to be, to 4-0 on a defense that’s that bad? That damn good. Hall of fame good.  Legendarily good.

That win keeps the Seahawks in first place, one game ahead of the Rams and two games ahead of the 49ers, who had one of the weirder games I’ve seen in a long time last night. San Francisco was rolling up and down the field on the Eagles last night. There was this touchdown, which was a bleeping masterpiece. 

99 times out of 100, trying to hurdle a tackler doesn’t work. And in fact, all it does is open yourself up to be drilled in the junk. But that time it worked perfectly.

And that’s the thing about the Niners last night. Even when other things weren’t going well, they could fall back on this plan: get the ball to George Kittle and let him work. And my dude was working.

15 receptions, 183 yards, and that touchdown. Just BEASTING!  . And yet despite outgaining Philadelphia by 150 yards and having seven more first downs than the Eagles, they still lost. Pretty safe to say the “will Nick Mullens replace Jimmy G” topic is gone, not that it ever was something in the first place.

If Nick Mullens is getting yanked for CJ Beathard, I’m guessing he won’t be replacing James G anytime soon. 

Also, we all know that the Eagles are 1-2-1 and they’re in first place in the NFC East. Just we all know The NFC East is garbage. That’s the one thing we all know and can all agree: that the NFC East is utter garbage: who’s going to argue that, when the Eagles are sitting on top, with one win. Well, and a tie: they have that going for them too. Which is nice. And totally indicative of the garbage that is the NFC East: if you’re celebrating a tie, you know you’re garbage.

Speaking of hot garbage, Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions managed to play themselves into the roundup. Well, they managed to choke their way into the roundup. And their coach managed to talk his way in. For an alleged rocket scientist, almost every time this guy opens his mouth, garbage comes spewing out. 

Detroit was up 14-0 on New Orleans yesterday. And then Matt Patricia’s defense went to work. And by “went to work” what I really mean is get absolutely wrecked. They gave up 35 unanswered points. Thirty-freaking five. And the Rocket Scientist, the alleged smartest man in the room: the guy who walks around like he responsible for putting a man on the moon, had no answers. Just garbage. 

That was against a tired Saints team that had to deal with COVID news the night before the game. And the Lions managed to go from up 14-0 to down 35-14. Do you know how hard you have to work to be that bad? Utter garbage. 

Matt Patricia hasn’t just lost 12 of his last 13 games, he’s lost them despite having a lead in all but one of them. And in the last six losses, he’s had a double digit lead. Who are they? The LA Clippers? Those are incredible stats. Incredible lines to put on your resume. 

Especially when you’re a defensive coach. Especially when you’re an alleged genius. You’re supposed to be able to stake this rocket scientist to a lead and then just bank the dub. Instead, he brings home another embarrassing loss and then tries to explain it with this.

A lot of work when you got there? Excuse me, Matthew, but the team was 9-7 when you took over. You’re 10-25-1 since then. Jim Caldwell tossed you the keys to a really nice ride and you proceeded to drive into a ditch, soak it in gasoline, and then set it on fire. The work you did was to destroy something that was pretty good. You want to talk about a garbage take!? We had a lot of work to do when I took this job. Not only is garbage.  It’s a lie. You were gifted a 9 win team and have turned it into a 10-25-1 disaster; so get that garbage that hell outa here, Matthew.

Damn, I need something to get that garbage taste out of my mouth: something to cleanse the palette. And Philip Rivers is just the dude I’m looking for. The Colts beat the Bears 19-11 yesterday, taking them to 3-1. And Rivers was letting the Bears know about it.

Indy was up 16-3 with just under eight minutes to go. They had a fourth and one on the Chicago 30. Rivers was looking to draw the Bears offside. And when that didn’t work, he decided to just remind Roquan Smith about how Nyheim Hines got past him on the pervious play. 

And of course, it was clean. Because that’s how Philip does it. He’s not going to f or s bomb you, but he will let you know about it. Just like he did last year against the Jags. 

That was a nice throwback and as long as we’re doing throwbacks, remember a couple weeks back when I told you not to freak out about Tom Brady having a bad game against the Saints? Remember how I said not to lose your mind and say that he’s over the hill? I’m sure some of you did it anyway, so I’d like to ask, would you like that crow sando with or without condiments. Gonna to smash that thing dry, and hit it with the hot n spicy? 

Because yesterday Justin Herbert and the Chargers put on a show in the first half, jumping out to a 24-7 lead. Let me just say this about that – I know the Chargers have made it clear that Tyrod Taylor is the starter when he comes back.

And I know the old, not entirely true, saying that you can’t lose your job to injury, and you really shouldn’t lose your job to the team doctor puncturing your lung, but if and when the Chargers want to make Herbert the official starter, it says here, he’ll be ready. Because he’s ready now. And this is coming from someone who has always defended Tyrod Taylor when folks for coming for him. But I couldn’t’ be more impressed, against with that I saw from the kid. Hell, what we me now being a part of the Wisconsin Badger mafia, how he did US in the Rose Bowl, still even stings a little: but see this stand in and trade old man, TB43 is something.

The kid battled his ass off yesterday against the old man. It’s just that the old man managed to come out on top, even after throwing another pick six. Tom Brady: 30-for-46 for 349 yards and five touchdowns to five different targets in the comeback win. Is that any good? Not only can Brady still make most of the throws, it really is amazing, how he, cheesy as he is, as one guy could impact the culture of not just the entire offense but really the entire organization: and to do it during a pandemic. Guys want to make plays for him specifically; and love playing with him, and want to earn his respect and approval: he may be the ultimate nerd, but he’s the ultimate pro: the epitome of a professional athlete. 

But the most tense action of the weekend didn’t come in Brady’s comeback, it came during the Giants-Rams game. If you know the backstory between Golden Tate, Jalen Ramsey, and Golden Tate’s sister, you knew something was going to happen yesterday.

Both guys had referenced it on social media before the game. The simplest explanation is that Ramsey has two daughters with Tate’s sister, but broke things off last year. When Tate’s sister was pregnant. It’s complicated and it’s personal and it’s explosive.

And sure enough, there was a meeting during the game.

And an even bigger meeting after the game. You know how it goes after the game. Coaches shake hands, guys from each team meet up and catch up.

Ramsey and Tate did that. They got caught up. By meeting at midfield and giving each other the hands. Both guys went to the ground. Teammates and coaches had to jump in to break it up.

As Sean McVay said: "I was shaking hands and kind of got in the middle. Fortunately, got it broken up and nothing occurred from there."

And of course the already insufferable Joe Judge had to make sure he got in some of his cornball wisdom: "Obviously, want to do our fighting between the whistles for 60 minutes. I don't know all the details, so I'm going to reserve comment until I find out everything."

Oh, and it didn’t end there. According to reports, Ramsey was waiting for Tate outside the Giants locker room. But a second fight didn’t take place. Yet. Because something tells me this isn’t over. Not even close to over.