Welcome back, Jord-o

Jordan Spieth wins again.

Jim Rome
April 05, 2021 - 11:13 am
Jordan Spieth

USA Today


It’s been 1,351 days since anyone could say this—but for the first time in nearly four years—Jordan Spieth is a winner again on the PGA TOUR.

That sound, courtesy of NBC, is Spieth ripping the Valero Texas Open at TPC San Antonio by two shots and ending an insane winless drought.

If you’ve followed golf at even the most casual level over the last half decade than you know from 2014 to 2017, Jordan Spieth did something that no one since the Cat had done in the early 2000’s; he made it look easy. And as much as the late, great Tommy Lasorda would have you believe golf is easy—golf isn’t easy. 

Still an incredible take even if it’s wrong. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of legendary soundbite.

From 2014 all the way through the British Open in 2017—Jordan Spieth looked like the heir apparent to the Cat. . Then he inexplicably and very noticeably went onto the side of a milk carton. Its one thing to go into the tank if you’re Rickie Fowler and you’ve never won a major and no one expects you to anymore. But it’s entirely another if you’re Jordan Spieth and you were stacking those things at a historic clip before the wheels came off completely.  Further evidence that golf truly is witchcraft.  One thing for any of US to lose on mojo on the course, but when it happens to the world’s best, that tells you all you need to known about the witchcraft involved. 

Because, it’s not just that Jordan didn’t win another major. He didn’t win another golf tournament. Hell, he really didn’t even get close. And when it goes fast.  And then seemingly it’s gone and you wonder if you’ll ever get back.  Especially, when you plummet from number one in the world to outside the top 100, which is what happened to Spieth. 

But Spieth, while struggling and fighting his confidence, never spit the bit; never gave him. And he started to put himself and his game back together.  He started climbing leaderboards and inserting himself in the mix. And after a few missed opportunities from a couple of Sunday final pairings earlier this season—Spieth finally converted yesterday, firing a final round 66 and holding off his playing partner Charlie Hoffman who threw everything and the kitchen sink at him coming down the back 9. In Chuck’s words, “I’ve lost golf tournaments, I’ve won golf tournaments, but today Jordan won the golf tournament. Hats off to Jordan.”

Charlie Hoffman was one of a grip of people who verbally dapped up Spieth yesterday. Jack Nicklaus weighed in from Twitter with congratulations and so did Gary Player, Sir Nick Faldo, and of course—Spieth’s best friend, Justin Thomas.

It’s not just that Spieth is one of the more entertaining sticks to watch when he’s got it going—it’s that he’s a helluva guy. He’s the People’s Champ without any of the phoniness and insincerity that drips off of Phil Mickelson like a cheap cologne. So pretty much everyone was stoked for him yesterday.

I mentioned off the top it had been 1,351 days since his last victory. For context…1,351 days ago I didn’t have The Jim Rome Podcast—which is now 168 episodes old. Austin Huff still worked here. Ritt wouldn’t come around for another two years. Remember Romeageddon? September, 29th 2017? That was still months away from happening.

So it’s been a long, long time since a guy who used to do nothing but win—won. And yesterday Jordan Spieth won.

Now—I hope all of you listened to me a few months back. Because a few months back I told you more than once to get on Spieth for the Masters while the gettin’s good. Dude came into 2021 as a 100-1 longshot to win. I told you to start betting him when he started slowly heating up and got down to 50-1. And I hope you took my advice.

Because suddenly, this dude is peaking heading into Augusta this week and he’s currently the third betting favorite behind only Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau.

Freaking Spieth went from 100-1 four months ago—to 11-1 as of yesterday.

I’m not saying he’s going to win this week. But I am saying—I’d love to be holding a 50-1 Spieth ticket right now. Which is what you’d have in your hand if you hit him when I told you to back around TPC Scottsdale.

Anyway—this isn’t about you.  Or me.  Or what we did or didn’t do.   This is about Jordan Spieth doing work and doing at just the right time. 

Welcome back, Jord-o. It’s been a long time. A damn long time.