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Welcome Home, Claymaker

The Rams nice off-season got even better.

March 20, 2019 - 10:29 am

Let’s hop into a time machine and go back to the last NFL offseason. If you recall, the Los Angeles Rams were coming off a huge season. They went from 4-12, to 11-5 and from perennial doormats to division champs. Most teams in that situation take a victory lap and get fat and happy. The Rams did not.

They got aggressive and they got better. They went out and added Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, and Sam Shields and Ndamukong Suh.

This year, they are coming off a trip to the Super Bowl and coming this close to winning it all. And yet again, they are not taking a victory lap or patting themselves on the back. They are making moves. They already added Eric Weddle and re-signed Dante Fowler, and then this week, they took it to another level. Starting with the signing of Blake Bortles.

Look, if you want to crack on Blake Bortles, you go right ahead. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s not particularly original. And maybe he’s not the greatest starting quarterback ever. In fact, he might not even be a starting quarterback, but Blake Bortles as a backup? That works.

Especially Blake Bortles as a backup for a reported 1 million dollars per year. That works very well. You get a guy with experience in pressure situations who you’ll only need in case of emergency. And if you do have to break that glass, you’re putting him in an offense with weapons.

No, Blake Bortles is not the Teddy Bridgewater of backups. But aside from Teddy Bridgewater, who is?

And the Rams nice offseason got even better last night with the addition of one William Clay Matthews the third. The Pride of Agoura Hills. The Pride of USC. And a monster of the 818 is coming home. And I could not love that any more. 818 for freaking life.

It’s the end of an era in Green Bay and the start of one in Los Angeles.

Matthews leaves Green Bay as a 6-time Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl champion, and the franchise leader in sacks. In other words, he leaves Green Bay as a Green Bay legend. And when you’re a Green Bay legend, that’s as elite as it gets.

The only thing better than being a legend in Green Bay is being a legend in the 818. And that’s what’s next.

Reportedly, Clay had offers on the table for more money, but he turned them down because he wanted to come home. Amen, Brother.

Clay Matthews returning to the Coliseum is a match made in heaven. The Rams need help at linebacker and an outside pass rush and Matthews can do both. And more importantly, the 818 needs Clay Matthews.

I’m not going to say that the Rams have just added the guy who was rolling to one Pro Bowl after another and ripping off double-digit sack seasons like it was nothing. But they don’t need that guy. What they need is a guy who gives them options and who can get after the passer when they need him to. And Matthews can do just that.

You think Clay Matthews might enjoy playing in a defense with Aaron Donald? I do. You think Clay Matthews might be a good fit in a Wade Phillips defense? I do.

If you’re from the 818, the only thing better than winning a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers would be winning at Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams. Can you beat that? Get a chance to play close to home and compete for a ring? And go to the Sagebrush on a regular basis?

Sagebrush Cantina!


Tortilla Soup!

The Sagebrush Sampler!

The only thing missing from the Sagebrush Sampler is a Lombardi Trophy. Tijuana egg roll, taquitos dorados, quesadilla, el matador, and a Lombardi. That is one hell of a sampler. Clay Matthews coming back to Los Angele is awesome. And the only thing better would be Clay Matthews coming home and bringing the Lombardi with him. 818 for life

Full disclosure. Clay and I went to rival high schools: arch rivals: he went to Agoura high, I went to Calabasas high: full disclosure; we still own you, clay. Calabasas always will, but you know that. It’s fine. You’re where you belong. You’re home. 818 for life baby: can’t wait to run into you: let’s see if we can get them to bring back the renaissance fair: if not that, canyon club, yo: wood ranch…whizzins….your call big dawg. Welcome home.