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What Now?

Like what the hell do we do now? Ohio State clowned Michigan. Again. 

November 27, 2018 - 9:35 am

72 hours after that colossal beatdown in the Horseshoe, two words are hounding Michigan Men at every corner: 


Like what the hell do we do now? Ohio State clowned Michigan. Again

A team that was a wide-open, 3 yard pass away from losing to Maryland. That got speed-bagged by Purdue and spent the season sleep walking, woke up just in time to feed the best Michigan team in years straight into the woodchipper.  

I asked this question on twitter right as the scoreboard hit zero. And I’ll pose it again right now? What's more embarrassing: 62 points or 0-and-4 for Jim Harbaugh against the only team that really matters? The team they hired him to beat. The team he’s paid hella jack to beat. What’s more embarrassing? 62 points or 0-4. The answer is: the reaction to it all. That’s the most embarrassing part of it. 

And no, this isn't me piling on. There is no shame in losing to Urban Meyer. Although there is shame in having him drop 62 on you, especially when it could have been 70 or more. But the fact is, Urb has buried better football teams than the one he put in the ground on Saturday afternoon. But the really shame is not in the beatdown itself, but in all the excuses Michigan man has made since it happened. For not taking that beatdown like the Michigan men y’all are supposed to be. 

Seriously, the only thing more whack than that hospital job the Buckeyes laid on Big Blue are the excuses flying from some Michigan Men. The injuries. The schedule. The facilities. The admissions standards. Throw a dart at a wall filled with lame and chances are there's a dude in a Maize and Blue sweatshirt squatting on an excuse. 

No, the university doesn't need to lower its standards to compete. Being a Top 30 school is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Notre Dame is doing just fine. Stanford had a down year, but David Shaw took the keys from Coach Khack and built something bigger and better. Besides, before you threw that crazy jack at Harbs, he was clowning Michigan for already dropping the schools standards. So I'm pretty sure getting your hands on elite recruits isn't the issue, coaching them up is.

Look, I don't get behind the mic every morning so I can play therapist. But let me give you a little advice. Or better yet, let me direct you to your most famous football alum -- who seems to have already jumped to Stage 5 when it comes to grieving another loss to Ohio State: Acceptance. 

Tom Brady went on WEEI yesterday for his weekly hit. A guy who has made a career of getting behind a mic and saying nothing, got talking about his former football team and basically said everything.  

And after losing yet another one of those absolutely lame teammate bets where one guy has to wear the other guy's school colors, TB12 cut straight to the real when he laid down this LAVA on his alma mater. 

"Unfortunately, I lost a bet to Nate Ebner. I already paid him his money. Man, the Freaking Wolverines, they can't win a big game. That was pretty crappy to watch." 

"We have to figure out how to beat those guys." 

"We've lost to them so much. I don't feel like I ever win any of these bets. But that's alright, I’ll keep trying."

"I know, but I can't. It's weakness. I have to accept the bet... 

"It should be. They're the biggest one. That's the big one. We haven't been close. Maybe last year we were a little closer, but still, it's 60 some odd points, it's a tough one to swallow. We'll see. Maybe we can get in the Rose Bowl, that would be a good consolation.  

Check out that absolute truth TB12 laid down about HIS SQUAD.

Look, I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. THAT was your best shot at Urb and the Buckeyes in a long, long time. And if it didn’t happen right there, it may never happen again. Best rivalry in college football. Hell no. But it might be the worst. There’s no rivalry when one side is winning 7 in a row and 14 of the last 15. 

So listen to TB12. And do something you're trying desperately not to do: Wear that L. Because that's what Harbs had to do postgame. 

But that's what you have to do, Michigan Men. Because you just threw your best shot at The Ohio State and it never even got close to landing. Now you better hope like hell that whoever you get in the bowl game doesn't do the same thing. And in the meantime stop making excuses and just own the fact that you just got owned again by your biggest rival.  Again. And probably always will.