Patrick Beverley


This Is Who The Clippers Are

Patrick Beverley is the dude we ALL want to be.

April 25, 2019 - 9:59 am

Last night was a double-header in the Association. Jazz-Rockets Game 5 followed by Clippers-Warriors Game 5. Houston and Golden State came in with 3-1 leads, so it was just a matter of finishing off a pair of Gentleman’s Sweeps and moving on to the matchup everyone cares about. Houston handled their business, beating Utah 100-93, so then it was just up to Golden State.

The Warriors were at home. After that weird record scratch in Game 2, they smashed the Clippers in Game 3 and did what they needed to do in Game 4. Everything was back on track. Everything was going to script.

Until the game actually started. Because like everyone in LA who says they read the script, the Clippers did not read your script. And if they did, they only read the first few pages and then completely ignored it.

Los Angeles: 129, Golden State: 121.

And you know all the jokers will be out there with their “looks like Golden State still can’t handle a 3-1 lead” jokes. Hilarious. Really brilliant.

No, the problem for Golden State is three things.

One, they were looking ahead. That’s not speculation. That’s not conjecture. That’s fact. Klay Thompson admitted as much: “Yup. Started with me. I was. I thought we’d come out and win tonight. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.”

Two, their defense was crappy, and they’re pissed about it. Draymond Green: “(The terrible defensive night) falls on me. If I bring the intensity from the start, everyone usually falls in line.”

Draymond’s pissed about the defensive intensity and Klay’s pissed about everything.

"Shoot, ain’t no building," said Thompson. "Just go do what we do. Build from this game? This game sucked. Let’s go win Friday. Let’s win big. Let’s go win by friggin’ 30.”

And if you’re a Warriors fan, as bad as last night was, you have to like hearing that.

But here’s the third problem from last night: the Los Angeles Clippers.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, give them some bleeping credit. I mean, for real.   

Last night isn’t just about what the Warriors didn’t do, it’s about what the Clippers did do, which is play Clippers basketball, and Clippers basketball is battling for absolutely everything. They’ll give you the hands. They don’t back down; and they’re not just happy to be there. Last thing you want to do is let these guys hang around. And give them a reason to believe. Especially, when they already thought they were going to win the series coming in. Not dead, can’t quit, and now Golden State has to get another plane, and deal with the Clippers again, in their joint; while Houston is at home, getting their rest and getting ready for the dubs. 

Just know, that what happened last night, it’s a surprise, but by now, it shouldn’t be. This is who both these teams have been this year. It was classic 2019 Warriors and Clippers, a classic Warriors game where they make things harder than they need to be, and a classic Clippers game where they make everything hard for you.

The Clippers are tough as hell. They’re everything the Lakers aren’t as a team, and as an organization. At this point, the Lakers aspire to be the Clippers. They’re looking up at the Clippers.  Again, the Clips are the better team and the better organization: when did you ever think you’d say that: not in this lifetime, but that’s a fact too, on and off the floor. On it, Patrick Beverley was everywhere. I don’t care what the sport is, what the game is, what the level is, what the job is, I want Patrick Beverely on my side in anything and everything.

Because Patrick Beverley approaches every single minute of every single game like his life depends up on it. 

Patrick Beverley had 17 points.

Patrick Beverely had five threes.

Patrick Beverley had 14 rebounds.

I repeat, Patrick Beverely had 14 rebounds.

Patrick Beverley is listed at 6’1, 185 lbs.

And in a must-win elimination game, Patrick Beverley had 14 rebounds.

Patrick Beverley is essentially the dude I want to be. Patrick Beverley is the dude we ALL want to be.

He was on the deck, drawing an offensive foul and a technical foul on Draymond Green while only wearing one shoe.

Late in the fourth, he took another charge on Klay Thompson.

And he was a hype man for his teammates, like Lou Williams.

"Lou is one of the best players in the league," said Beverley. "I think you're being modest, though. I mean, he's a killer, man. I guard the best of them. I see him every day in practice, man. He's a real killer. He goes up with some of the best scorers in the NBA. I didn't mean to interrupt you, but I think he should be up there with some of the superstar players in this league because he's doing it day in and day out at 6'1" and a half."

I agree. Lou Williams should be up with some of the superstar players in this league and so should Patrick Beverley, because they are giving the two-time defending champs hell. 

And in terms of Lou Williams and his 33 points off the bench? All that dude does is get buckets. You can give him the ball and say, get us points, and he will.

And there was no bigger bucket than this sequence. Kevin Durant gets in for a dunk to take the lead in the fourth and get the home crowd going ballistic.

And then Williams does this.

Three and a foul.

And it’s not just Beverley and Williams, there’s also Montrezl Harrell and his 24 points and five rebounds in 27 minutes.

I would say the Clippers are punching above their weight, but they aren’t. This is who they are. This is what they do. They have an identity and that identity is to give you the hands for 48 mintues. And if you let up, let down, and look past them, you’re not going to get knocked the hell out. And the Warriors did, and now they’re in a brawl that they never ever expected, but should have.

Doc Rivers said it best in the locker room after the game.

They went into Golden State’s house, wrecked it, and then ate In-n-Out afterwards.

That’s not a figure of speech. That’s a fact. And here’s another fact, they aren’t just looking to make the Warriors work. They aren’t looking to stretch out this series, they are looking to win it.

That team isn’t just happy to be there, and they’re now just happy to be down 3-2, and looking to win one more game so they could say they pushed the defending champs to 7.

They want to win two more and advance. They aren’t looking to take part, they are looking to take over. And sleeping on these guys is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Drop your hands, and you’ll get knocked the hell out; and that’s what happened to the Warriors last night.