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Who Looks Foolish Now

I told you this is why you don’t boo Giancarlo Stanton on April 3rd.

April 05, 2018 - 10:19 am

I want to take a moment right now to address something that happened in the show yesterday. When discussing Yankee fans who booed Giancarlo Stanton on his home debut, I used some harsh language. I called those Yankee fans losers. It was strong, I know. And for some, it was too much. 

And the truth is – it was completely right. In fact, it probably wasn’t even enough. Because all you losers had to do was wait a few hours and you would’ve gotten this. 

458 feet. 10 rows deep into the second-deck in left field. 117.9 miles per hour – the hardest hit ball in the majors this year. And you didn’t even have to wait a full day to get it. 

To quote Aaron Judge: "It was loud. It was impressive." It was loud. It was impressive. And it was way louder and way more impressive than the tools who booed him the night before. 

And it was in the first inning. You clowns who booed him in the eighth on Tuesday night just had to wait until the first on Wednesday night. But you couldn’t resist. You had to just unleash hell on him to let him know that he was in New York, that he’s in your house now and you set the rules. 

Except you’re wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. 

I hate to say I told you so, but I literally told you so. I told you this is why you don’t boo Giancarlo Stanton on April 3rd. Because he’ll do that on April 4th. And then you’ll look like fools.

He’s a great player. And you just need to give him a minute. Like practically a minute. Like his next at-bat. I suggested that you hold off on the booing until August, but really, if you could’ve waited until the end of the week before booing, you would’ve spared yourselves a lot of embarrassment. 

But if you’re booing a guy in his home debut, I’m guessing being embarrassed isn’t really a thing for you. Because you’re probably pretty proud that you did that. And you’re probably saying that he homered last night because you booed him the night before. 

Of course that’s the case. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s an incredible baseball player with a relentless drive and motivation to improve. I doubt that was a factor at all. I’m sure it was all down to you booing him, then he went home, and said, they booed me. That tells me I’m in New York and that this means so much more because they booed me and therefore I’m going to try harder. Yeah, much as you want it to, that’s not how that works. 

Hey, he also struck out three times yesterday. Want to boo him for that as well? Or are you okay with him now that he hit a home run for you? Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge also had two-run homers yesterday. Would you like to take credit for those as well? Why not? I’m sure they were inspired by you booing Stanton and thought, we better do something soon before they turn on us, too. 

No, if the last two days have taught us anything, it’s this: Giancarlo Stanton comes out of this as a huge winner. And everyone who booed him is still a giant loser.