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Who’s Got It Better Than Jimbo?

That wasn’t a bad loss, that was a historically bad loss.

November 26, 2018 - 10:30 am

I know it was a long Thanksgiving weekend, so let’s go back to Friday for a moment. 24 hours before Michigan played Ohio State and Wolverine fans were feeling it. They’d shaken off the season opening beating at the hands of Notre Dame and had won 10 straight. They had the best defense in the country. Their players were guaranteeing a win over the Buckeyes. They were all fired up about the “Revenge Tour” and they were about to face an Ohio State team that barely beat Maryland in overtime. And had gotten hammered by Purdue. 

Michigan was favored going into Columbus. This was the year that it all ends. This was the year they get over. 

In other words, WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US? 

EHHHH, let’s not get into that just yet. Because then the game happened. 

Ohio State: 62

Michigan: 39

And it wasn’t that close. That score does Michigan a favor, because they didn’t belong on the same field as the Buckeyes. They just got hammered by a team that was blown out by Purdue and barely beat Maryland. 

I’m pretty sure Western Michigan would’ve been more competitive against Ohio State than actual Michigan was. 

Ohio State scored 20 against Purdue and then dropped 62 on the alleged best defense in the country. 

62 points. The most ever allowed by a Michigan team. Ever. In the history of Michigan college football, 62 points is the most they’ve ever allowed in a regulation football game. That’s going back to the days when guys wore leather helmets and boots with nails in the bottom. 

That wasn’t a bad loss, that was a historically bad loss. Jim Harbaugh is now the first Michigan coach to start 0-4 against Ohio State. 

And it brings up the question: what’s more humiliating – 62 points or an 0-4 record against Ohio State? And the answer is: yes. 

Not half a hundred. 62. And it could’ve been so much worse. It could’ve been north of 70. Because Ohio State got cute twice in the red zone and had to settle for field goals. And because they took a knee in the red zone at the end of the game. 

In other words, Michigan was lucky that it wasn’t 75 or more. Forget half a hundred, they barely stayed within three quarters of a hundred. 

But don’t take my word for it. Ask Michigan safety Tyree Kinnel: "They slowly devastated us throughout the game. Knowing all the yards they were putting up and how easily they were scoring, it was tough. It was very tough. They completely beat us everywhere. Run game, pass game, everyone is to blame."

So remind me again why Jim Harbaugh is an awesome coach? Time and time again, his offense ran into a stacked box and got nowhere. And wasn’t defensive coordinator Don Brown some defensive wizard? Because Ohio State just carved him up and no one thought that was a dominant Ohio State offense coming. 

That crew looked like a Big 12 defense out there. And not a good Big 12 defense. A bad one. Because they were just running around, chasing one Buckeye after another, and just sucking in Ohio State’s exhaust on every play. 

And why is Shea Patterson the program savior that everyone was hyping?

Were people really saying that Michigan team belonged in the playoff? They were complete and utter garbage. Seriously. They were awful. Truly, truly terrible. You have to work pretty hard to give up 62 points in a college football game. That’s more than a point per minute. 

And no, Michigan fans, I’m not interested in hearing about your injuries. Every team has injuries at this point in the season. Every team. Good coaches are supposed to overcome that. If you pay Jim Harbaugh what you’re paying him, he should find a way to win with all those alleged monster recruiting classes he’s brought in with all those wacky antics. 

Nor am I here to clown Harbaugh and go with “Lloyd Carr-baugh” blasts like I know some Michigan fans are doing. At least two-L Lloyd won half a national title, which is half a national title more than the savior has. 

Jim Harbaugh is getting paid big money, but he’s not a big money coach. And Saturday put an end to the idea that Harbaugh is in the class of Nick Saban or Urban Meyer as head coaches. He’s not. He’s nowhere close. 

I’d say you’re paying Nick Saban money and getting Brady Hoke results, but Hoke never gave up 62 to Ohio State. In a game where he was favored. 

Don’t get me wrong. He’s not a terrible coach. He’s a good coach. He’s just not that good. Because he’s had one great recruiting class after another and what does he have to show for it? No wins over Ohio State. No Big Ten titles. No playoffs. No nothing.

Since he arrived, he has zero Big Ten titles. In that same time, Meyer, Mark Dantonio, and James Franklin have all won Big Ten titles. 

Harbaugh is a fine coach. And calling for him to get fired is stupid. Because I’m not sure Michigan can do much better. I know this. They certainly can’t pay much more and get much less in return. 

I wish I had good news for you, Michigan fans. But that was the best chance you’ll ever have of beating Urban Meyer and Ohio State. Win that game, beat that extremely beatable Ohio State team, and you’re on your way to the playoff. Instead, they got humiliated in the worst way possible.

If not now, when? And the answer is: probably never. 

And here’s another quick note that should not get lost in all of this. Yes, Jim Harbaugh got embarrassed. Yes, he got pantsed and stuffed in a clown suit on national television by Urban Meyer. 

But let’s not make Urban Meyer out to be some sort of hero. Let’s not talk about all the obstacles he and his program have had to overcome this year. He covered for an alleged abuser. And lied about it. And then blamed those lies on his medication. And got off easily. And everyone who’s been making him out to be some sort of hero for how he guided them through this season needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror.