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Will Brinson

The CBS Sports NFL writer joined Jim.

June 25, 2019 - 11:45 am

Info & Stats:  CBS Sports NFL Sr. Writer

All Topics: Value of Patrick Mahomes | Mahomes play in 2018 | Baker Mayfield | Mayfield’s rookie year | Mayfield’s play down the stretch | Mayfield’s talent | Kliff Kingsbury | Kyler Murray’s expectations | Sony Michel’s importance for the Patriots | Pats going more run | Todd Gurley’s knee

June 4th 2019

All Topics: Rob Gronkowski’s retirement | Does believe Gronkowski will stay retired | NY Jets’ off-season | Jets needing a GM | Gerald McCoy signing with Carolina | McCoy joining Carolina’s pass rush | Cleveland Browns | Exciting things Cleveland is doing |


Mar 11th 2019

All Topics: Antonio Brown stuffed the Steelers in a locker | Timeline of Antonio Brown working over Pittsburgh | AB giving other stars a blueprint | The Raiders not paying Khalil Mack but Antonio Brown | Le’Veon Bell | Rams signing Eric Weddle | The 60 minute career of Antonio Brown the Buffalo Bills on Twitter | Antonio Brown


Jan 29th 2019

All Topics: Radio Row | CBS Sports Network HQ Show | Aaron Donald | Expect Belichick to take away Aaron Donald | Super Bowl 53 strategy | Doesn’t think the Rams can run on the Patriots | Todd Gurley | Wade Phillips vs. Belichick and Brady | AFC East | New England Patriots have shortcomings | Julian Edelman |


Oct 12th 2018

All Topics: The New York Giants and Eli Manning are washed | Eli’s last name | The Giants should have taken a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick | Cleveland Browns | Thinks the Browns are playoff good | Hue Jackson factor | Philip Rivers | If Rivers was in New York his entire career | Kansas City vs. New England | Patrick Mahomes vs. Hoodie | Jason Garrett