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William Stephen Belichick

Nobody's better than The Hood.

November 05, 2018 - 10:22 am

There was some crazy hype surrounding Sunday Night Football. Tom Brady v Aaron Rodgers. A combined 33 seasons, 19 Pro Bowls, a half-dozen Super Bowl rings and five MVP trophies. The two most dominant players of a generation. Two first ballot Hall of Famers.  Arguably the two best to ever do it. Going up against each other for just the second time ever.

Good thing they didn't beat that storyline into the ground. 

Jerome Bettis being from Detroit thought Rodgers v Brady was getting a little too much run. Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka work out together had enough of that TB12 v A-Rodg. Brady Quinn's sister marrying AJ Hawk thought a little too much attention was being put on the two dudes under center and not the other 20 dudes on the field. 

And that was before they dragged 45 into that mess.

Damn, thanks Mike! That is some hashtag analysis. I mean, did you hear that? People debate who the greatest quarterback of all-time is? Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have the same jersey number? The Ceiling is the Roof?

It's not enough that we get Brady v Rodgers for just the second time. We get Brady v Rodgers... And then a green light to unleash every whack take in the book. 

You needed a hazmat suit and a panic room to survive all the lava that was flowing. Tom v Aaron wasn't just an all-time great quarterback match-up, it was a Purge movie. There were no rules. Lawlessness took over social. Hot takes, Mount Rushmores. Hell, I even saw a let-Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame riot break out. 

So let me settle this thing once and for all. Let me tell you who the GOAT really is: 

The Hood. William Stephen Belichick. Because that was the most Patriots win of all time. 

If you want to know why people lose their minds when they debate things like Brady v Rodgers, it's because both sides are right. Nobody plays quarterback better than Aaron Rodgers. Nobody's won more and done it longer than Tom Brady. Immovable Force v Unstoppable Object. The whole damn world blows up. 

But here's an argument that isn't hard to understand. 

Bill Belichick is the Goat. Hell, Bob Kraft gets it.

The Patriots just went out and beat the Packers without their Hall of Fame tight end. And without their starting running back. The Patriots went out and beat Aaron Rodgers in the most Patriots way ever. It was never pretty. It was never dominant. The Pats were on the ropes for a minute. 

And then all of a sudden it's the 4th quarter, Green Bay commits a turnover, New England's up 14 and you're like, damn -- the Hood did it again. 

For the second week in a row, Cordarrelle Patterson led the Patriots in rushing. The Vikings used a first rounder on Patterson, but let him walk because they gave up on finding a way to use him. The Raiders gave him away for a swap of late-round draft picks. And then the Hood plugs him in at running back and turns him into some Ferrari. 

With Gronk missing, the passing game ran through Josh Gordon. The same dude the Browns gave up on and sent to New England for a 5th round pick. Talent has never been this dude's problem. Conquering his demons have been. Yet throw this dude into the Patriot Way and he's going OFF, five catches, 130 yards, and a 55-yard dagger that put the Pack to sleep.          

Rodgers v Brady, Part 2 was essentially the story of these guys’ career. One quarterback did everything he could to try and compensate for the fact that the dudes around him aren't up to snuff. The other managed to win with a group of guys that everybody else thought couldn't get it done. That's less a statement on two quarterbacks and more a statement on the guys in charge of the two quarterbacks. 

Look, you can dig into the numbers and compare stats and say that Tom got the best of Aaron last night. Or you can look at the way the Hood turned the Pack inside out and just understand that TB12 is the Goat because he and the Hood are the greatest partnership between coach and player ever. 

That's what made their soap opera so bizarre. These two dudes need each other. They bring out the best in each other. Neither would be what each is, without the other.  Brady’s not Brady without the hood. And the hood isn’t the hood without Brady. After almost 20 years, they probably do get sick of each other: Brady may even hate the old man’s guts. But here's something you don't get sick of -- WINNING. 

New England's 7-2. Again. They're right back where they always are. Racking up Ws, doing it despite injuries and a slow start, and with a deadly efficient offense and gritty, opportunistic defense. 

Bottom line: This wasn't a showdown between two quarterbacks, playing to be the GOAT. It was a dude in a cut-off Hoody with a permanent case of the red ass flexing one more time. 

Nobody's better than The Hood. And we saw it again last night.