Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones

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The Writing Was On The Wall, Dez

Damn! Drama! Fire!

April 16, 2018 - 11:24 am

The lead up to the Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant was remarkably quiet. After all, it is the Dallas Cowboys. They don’t do quiet and small. They do big and loud. And it’s not like Dez isn’t up in the world’s grill. But somehow, the Cowboys kept that story under wraps. The alleged biggest story of the offseason wasn’t even a thing. And then, when it finally did drop, given the team and player involved, you knew it would be on. Especially given the player it involved.

And Dez has been busy since it went down. Busy on Twitter, retweeting the love that’s coming his way. And sitting down with the NFL Network to unload on some teammates on the way out the door. Asked by Jane Slater if he felt like his teammates had a role in the decision to release him, Bryant said:  "I’ll say this right here: I believe that 'Garrett guys.' (are to blame). I would say that.”

And then he went on: "I won't put no names out, but they know and I want them to know. I know. I'll shoot them a text message and let them know. Little do they know is, you know, they can wear that 'C' all they want to, but in that locker room, they know who they run and they talk to. They know who they communicate with. Everybody knows where the real love is at. I'm not throwing anybody under the bus, but that's the difference between me and them."

Damn! Drama! Fire! And I’m not really going to get into the idea that Dez is saying that he’s not throwing anybody under the bus when in fact he’s tossing everyone wearing a C under the bus. That means he’s looking at you, kicker Dan Bailey!   

It’s about time we got to this point and there was no way that we weren’t going to get there. No way that a star receiver with the star on his helmet gets cut and quietly signs with some other team and just goes about his business. 

And fortunately, Dez isn’t letting us down. Not with quotes like this: "Jerry Jones, he loved me to death and I loved him too. I honestly believe in my heart that this was a hard decision for him. But when it's five, six guys at a table against one guy, you got to do it.”

Whatever you have to tell yourself to get through, D. But something tells me that if Jerry Jones wants to do something, five or six guys at a table aren’t going to stop him. And who were those mysterious five or six guys? Coaches? Players? A combination of the two? Because it’s not like that’s a ringing endorsement of Dez, either. If five or six players and coaches are telling the owner to dump a guy, that means something’s not right. That means key guys think they’re better off without you than they are with you.

He also appeared to be surprised that he wasn’t named a captain: "I think me not being named a team captain was mostly on a personal level. I'm just going to be honest because I don't understand why I wouldn't be a team captain. Like I said, you've seen my teammates, you know? They don't even understand the decision.” 

On one hand, I agree with you, Dez. It is kind of surprising that a guy with your presence who’d been with the team that long was not a captain. On the other hand, the fact that you weren’t a captain says pretty much everything. And the fact that you’re calling out the other captains on the way out the door says a lot, too.

It seems like the only person surprised that Dez Bryant was cut is Dez Bryant. Three straight seasons below 900 yards. A big contract that was going to cost 16.5 mill against the cap. Questions about his route-running and his effort and his ability to catch balls that weren’t perfect. Not getting on the same page as the new face of the franchise, Dak Prescott. Personality conflicts. It was all there. 

The writing was on the wall and Dez butchered this. If he thought he was going to be cut, if he thought the Garrett Guys or the guys with the C, whoever he wants to blame were going to shove him out the door, he should’ve pushed for that earlier so that he’d have a better shot of getting a new gig. Now he’s hitting the market in mid-April when a lot of spots have already been filled. 

Few guys get to pick how their time ends with a team, but this was the most obvious ending ever, and somehow, Dez never saw it coming.