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Car flag nation!!! Mount up!

Jim Rome
November 06, 2019 - 9:40 am

Car flag nation!!! Mount up! That’s right. It’s official. It’s time. Get your car flags out, Laker fans. Slap them on your ride and let’s go. And I’m not talking about one or two flags, there better be four or more. One for each window and maybe throw one on the trunk as well. Throw six up on your rig, one for each win during this current streak.  

Because after last night’s win over the Bulls, you have to be feeling it big time. And no, normally a win over the Chicago Bulls isn’t a reason to party. But when the win comes the way that it did last night, you can party your ass off.

Last night didn’t look like it was going to be a reason to rage. Not when the Lakers were down 19 on the road against a crappy Bulls team. That felt like a wasted a night. A complete waste of time: theirs and ours... The inevitable letdown after winning the first two games of this road trip.

As Frank Vogel said afterwards, Anthony Davis was in foul trouble. LeBron needed rest. And when the Lakers were still down 13 going into the fourth, it looked like they were shutting it down and going home.

But when Jiminy Cricket was down, did you count him out? While Kyle Kuzma was down, did you count him out? This is the comeback, Doug! 6-1! Did you see Alex Caruso? This is the game, Doug!

And the Lakers rose up from the dead.

Kyle Kuzma got hot. Then Dwight came through with a dunk and a layup followed by a Quinn Cook three. And suddenly the Lakers had the lead. A 16-0 run in just over three minutes.

And it wasn’t LeBron or ad doing it, it was the bench mob. Remember all that noise about how this was a two man team. And that you can’t win a title with two stars and nothing else? That depth or lack thereof, was going to be the thing that kills the Lakers; ehhhhh!! Wrong answer. Because not only is their depth not a liability: it’s one of their strengths. And that second unit did as much to win that game as the first. Maybe even more.

Because it’s led by Reigning Jim Rome Player of the Season, Dwight Howard, who was huge again last night on both ends.

And then LeBron went to work.

And he capped off the night with this lob to Anthony Davis.

Lakers 118, Bulls 112. The Lakers have won six straight. They have the best record in the west. Check that, they have the best record in the league.

And so now it’s time to  – be real, how many of you saw that coming? How many of you saw any of this coming? I know the Laker haters didn’t see it coming.

But even you, Laker fans, how many of you saw this coming? How many of you saw Dwight Howard being a force at both ends? How many of you saw the Lakers absolutely locking it down defensively this season? How many of you saw JaVale McGee and Quinn Cook chipping in the way they did last night?

And there’s one other question that I’ll get to in a second. A heavier question that’s going to require some legitimate real.

But before we get to that,how many of you saw this team winning six straight after that loss to the Clippers and doing it without a fully healthy Kyle Kuzma. Because as any Laker honk will tell you, he’s just working his way back and knocking off the rust from the injury he suffered over the summer.

And it has been done with their defense. These guys have turned into a clamps operation overnight. That’s the biggest shock of all: not only do they actually play defense but right now, no team in the league is playing better defense the Lakers. 

So, again, how fired up are you, Laker fans? You have every right to be jacked up. It’s the team’s first six-game winning streak since 2011. That is a hell of a long time. That was so long ago that team had Kobe, pau, Lamar, metta, and Andrew Bynum. Luke Walton was on that team, as a player, not a coach. Same with Derek Fisher.

It’s been so long since a 6-game winning streak that Steve Blake was on that team. And in the ultimate time-warp, the guy some of you have glossed as Steve Blake’s dad, Alex Caruso, is coming through with 7 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 steals last night.

Because on top of all that, these comebacks against Dallas and Chicago show that the Lakers have a toughness about them. They are playing with an edge. There’s some saltiness from them.

And in particular, from old man LeBron James.

And here’s the other, deeper question I mentioned earlier: how many of you saw this coming from LeBron James? Be real how many of you had already written him off? How many of you had already said that this was going to be AD’s team and it was just a matter of LeBron playing out the string?

Because I know some of you were. I know a lot of you were. And I know LeBron heard you.

He heard all of you talking last year and in the summer. He heard everyone saying that he was getting too old, that he’d lost a step, and that Kawhi was the best player in the league.

And then he dropped his third straight triple double last night, first time a Laker has done that since Erv back in 87: Bron drops that triple down and then dropped this on twitter:

#washedking with the shhh emoji and a crown

I see you working, King. He heard everyone saying he was washed, that he was broken down, that he didn’t have the same passion or desire for the game anymore. And now dude is ramning crow’s sandos and humble pie chasers down everyone’s throats. 

And he’s doling out humble pie every night.

Have some. 17 years in and he’s still doing that. 17 years in and he’s going with back to back to back triple doubles. Tell ‘em, Anthony Davis: "I’m LeBron James, and I can't do anything anymore except record triple-doubles."

And now all you Laker fans better be going triple-double on your car flags. Because it hasn’t been this good to be a Lakers fan in a long time.  I know it’s just 7 games. But I’ve seen enough to know. Seen enough to confidently say, get those freaking flags out and rock the hell out of him.  Because the lake show is back. 

Los Angeles Freaking California y’all….. Life is good for NBA fans here, real good…  Between the Lake Show and Clips….  This is basketball for Nirvana for the City of LA.