32 - Clint Malarchuk - 4/10/2018

Jim Rome
Tuesday, April 10th
Episode 32 of The Jim Rome Podcast is here with former NHL goalie and mental health advocate Clint Malarchuk. On this pod, Clint shares the harrowing tale of the night he took a skate to his neck and nearly died from bleeding out on the ice. He also talks about how that injury affected him far beyond that night, that season, and even decades later. He also talks about what he did to combat the mental anguish of that injury and how that led him down an even darker hole that he never saw coming, which included putting a rifle to his head and a bullet through his jaw. Clint also talks about how he felt admitting to mental illness would pass him off as weak and negate the many years he spent playing in the NHL.

And of course, as always, this week’s pod is inundated with your voicemails.