38 - Metta World Peace - 5/22/2018

Jim Rome
Tuesday, May 22nd
Episode 38 of The Jim Rome Show is here with 17-year NBA veteran and 2010 NBA World Champion Metta World Peace. He joins to talk about his new book 'No Malice: My Life in Basketball' and what the process was like to write a book. He also talks about his experiences of growing up and playing basketball in the Queensbridge projects, what it was like to hit the Lakers’ final shot in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals and why he thanked his psychologist immediately after. Metta also opens up about the night of the Malice in the Palace, and he reveals how much that night cost him and who was the first person to reach out to him after.

Also, we have a new set of your voicemails waiting to be played.