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122 - Matt "Money" Smith -3/25/2020

Wednesday, March 25th
Matt "Money" Smith on going from pre-law to music to sports, the great advice Jimmy Kimmel gave him, KROQ giving him his big break before a Dead show, guest-...

121 - Tim Grover - 3/18/2020

Wednesday, March 18th
Tim Grover on training MJ and Kobe, not believing in cheat days, why showing up is none of the battle, how to development an elite mindset, staying fit during...

120 - Caron Butler - 3/11/2020

Wednesday, March 11th
Caron Butler on making Kobe proud, the Bron/Brow pairing, Pat Riley's addiction to greatness, selling drugs as a kid, playing his way into UCONN, and going...

119 - Matt Barnes - 3/4/2020

Wednesday, March 4th
Matt Barnes on his bond with Kobe, podcasting with Stack, smoking tree during his career, playing the bad guy, if the Lakers have enough, the Long Beach Jam,...

118 - Scott Pioli - 2/26/2020

Wednesday, February 26th
Scott Pioli with some all-time stories on breaking into the business with Bill Belichick, choosing between Hood and Parcells, what he misses about the game,...

117 - Trevor Moawad - 2/19/2020

Wednesday, February 19th
Trevor Moawad on doing simple better, going from average to great, minimizing negativity, mastering neutral thought, how to hit the reset button, using what...