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95 - Michael Young - 9/11/2019

Wednesday, September 11th
Michael Young on the Texas Rangers retiring his number, hanging with A-Rod at a J-Lo concert, playing with Josh Hamilton, the heartbreaking 2011 World Series,...

94 - Jordan Palmer - 9/4/2019

Wednesday, September 4th
Jordan Palmer on Andrew Luck’s retirement, Baker Mayfield’s crazy ability to deal with adversity, a potential heir apparent to Tom Brady, the strongest arm he’...

93 - James Wilks - 8/28/2019

Wednesday, August 28th
James "Lightning" Wilks went from fighting to film-producing. And he's on a mission to debunk the biggest lies from the meat industry and spread the word about...

92 - A.J. Hawk - 8/21/2019

Wednesday, August 21st
AJ Hawk on going from the NFL to broadcasting, trying to tackle Adrian Peterson, the Favre/Rodgers transition, his time at OSU, getting spoiled at the Derby,...

91 - Sugar Ray Leonard - 8/14/2019

Wednesday, August 14th
Tremendous conversation with Sugar Ray Leonard about the fight game, then and now, why he wanted a quick rematch with Robert Duran, why there was never a...

90 - Terry Bradshaw - 7 /24/2019

Wednesday, July 24th
Terry Bradshaw on what he remembers about the Steelers/Raiders rivalry of the 70's, what Big Ben is in store for without Bell and AB, why he can't stand divas...