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84 - Rex Chapman -6/4/2019

Tuesday, June 4th
Rex Chapman joins the podcast to talk about playing in the era of Michael Jordan, his recovery from addiction, and babysitting Steph Curry. Plus your...

83 - Tom Glavine - 5/28/2019

Tuesday, May 28th
World Series MVP and Atlanta Braves legend, Tom Glavine joined the podcast to talk about growing up as a two-sport star, what analytics can't measure, and how...

82 - Roger Lodge -5/21/2019

Tuesday, May 21st
Friend of the Jungle and media personality, Roger Lodge joined the podcast and talked about his time hosting Blind Date, why Mike Trout wanted to stay with the...

81 - Bill Hader -5/14/2019

Tuesday, May 14th
Episode 81 of the Jim Rome podcast features Bill Hader, the co-creator, star, writer, director, and producer of HBO's hit show Barry. Bill and Jim discuss...

80 - Bob Myers -5/6/2019

Monday, May 6th
The president of basketball operations and General Manager of the Golden State Warriors returns to the podcast for Episode 80 to talk about this year's run in...