Jim Rome

Jim Rome

The Smackoff

Smack-Off 26, is June 19th 2020. Invite Only.


The Smack-Off is an annual competition in which select listeners are invited to provide their best "Smack Talk.” The contest is a way to recognize the best callers to the show, as well as a means of determining the best caller of the year. Van Smack has referred to the Smack-Off as the most important show of the entire year.


June 19th 2020, Invite Only.



Smack-Off 25 Winner
Brad in Corona (5 Time Champion)

Past Winners
Leff In Laguna
Chael Sonnen
Mike In Indy- Co Champ 2014
Mark In Hollywood
Vic in No-Cal
Sean "the Cablinasian"
Jeff in Richmond
Silk in Huntington Beach
"Doc" Mike Di Tolla
Stevie Carbone from LMU
Jeffrey E. "Esquire" Di Tolla
J. T. the Brick